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Last Updated: Jan 6th, 2007 - 10:27:46

Somalia govt orders Puntland to surrender weapons

MOGADISHU, Somalia Dec 29 (Garowe Online) - A decree issued by the interim Somali prime minister and read by government spokesman Abdurrahman Dinari ordered the Somali civilian population to surrender their weapons to federal authorities.


Premier Ali Muhammad Gedi’s statement specifically highlighted the self-governing Puntland region of northern Somalia, which has been relatively stable since its creation in 1998.


According to Gedi’s decree, Somali civilians in Puntland were ordered to bring their weapons to the 54th military base in the outskirts of Garowe, the regional capital.


Its not clear exactly how the interim government plans to implement this decree. There are no “federal troops” currently in Puntland to speak of and the region maintains its own security forces.


Premier Gedi finally arrived in Mogadishu on Friday after Ethiopian troops militarily defeated the government’s arch-rivals – the Islamic Courts movement.


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