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With the release of 52 #34 this week, despite the fact 52 isn�t evenly divisible by three, the landmark weekly DC series is now officially two-thirds complete. In other words, it has just entered its third act.

As a special holiday bonus, this week 52 editor Michael Siglain has responded to 52 of your questions (that�s right, no decimal point) about 52 thus far.

So without further ado

1) Considering how big of an impact Power Girl had in the beginnings of Infinite Crisis, and how big of an effect this must have had on her, are there any plans for her to have any time in 52?

Michael Siglain: Yep! Check out her amazing origin by Adam Hughes in week 36, on sale January 10th.

2) Will Starfire get a secret origin?

MS: Absolutely, courtesy of Mr. Joe Benitez. Check out week 41 for the skinny on the Tamaranian.

3) Will there be anything about Wonder Woman and Donna? Diana's early days as Diana Prince?

MS: Diana's early days as Diana Prince will be shown in week 41. Boy, week 41 sounds pretty good so far, doesn�t it?

4) And I realize you can't explain it here, but something has been bugging me about Batwoman. To me, a Batwoman should be someone who can call themselves an equal to Batman; otherwise it's just a Batgirl who is more filled out. Now both Renee and Nightwing have referenced Kate not being a Batgirl, but Batwoman due to her assets, and we've seen very little about what makes her a worth Dark Knight... within 52, will we discover what lead her to this role? Will we see what connects her (physically, spiritually) to the bat icon? Will we see anything about her besides her breasts, as making her worthy of being THE Batwoman?

MS: As you will see, Kate is--without question--completely worthy of being THE Batwoman. That being said, the person who must make that determination is neither Montoya nor Nightwing, but Batman, himself. That story will definitely be told, just not in 52.

5) Oh, and twiced named daughter of Cain... does Cassandra Cain fit into that at all?

MS: She could...if she were old enough to be the woman in the prophecy...

6) Does the new Starman have a connection to 52?

MS: Sure.

7) Also, where the hell is L-Ron?!

MS: Where is he�or when is he???

8) Will the Lady Styx story be dealt with and finished in 52 or will Mystery in Space deal with that plot line.

MS: Lady Styx's story doesn�t end here.

9) Will we be seeing Kyle Rayner (Ion), show up at any point in the last half of the series?

MS: Maybe. Check back around week 50.

10) Are the space heroes in the future? And if they are will Kory become the new Emerald Empress?

MS: Just because heroes are in space doesn't mean that they're in the future. After all, Star Wars happened "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" didn't it?

11) It seems that the idea of 52, the actual meaning of 52, keeps popping up in current DCU storylines...Green Lantern for one, and most recently in Justice Society of America. My question is why is it still such a big factor AFTER 52? I mean, all these references are post One Year Later, so shouldn't the heroes of the DCU have already handled the threat of 52?

MS: If I answered this question, I'd be giving away the secret of 52, which I could do...if I wanted to be slowly and methodically tortured by DiDio, Johns, Morrison, Rucka, Waid, Giffen, Jones, the artists, the colorists, the letterers, all the guys in production, and the list goes on and on. Since I can�t really discuss this one, here�s a little nugget for you to chew on: the meaning of 52 isn't necessarily known by everyone in the DCU at the end of 52.

12) Any chance of Mark Waid Origins for.....

MS: Origin questions? Let's go to the Magic 8-Ball!

12a) Aquaman?

MS: Outlook not so good.

12b) Red Tornado?

MS: Ask again later.

12c) Power Girl?

MS: It is certain.

12d) Flash?

MS: Reply hazy, try again.

12e) Rip Hunter?

MS: Outlook not so good.

12f) Green Arrow?

MS: All signs point to yes.

12g) Bonus....

Whose doing the art?

MS: I don't think the Magic 8-Ball can answer the bonus round, but I'd keep my eyes on the following artists: Adam Hughes, Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens, and maybe Phil Jimenez & Andy Lanning.

13) Any chance we'll see the return of Doctor Domino or Amazing Man in 52?

MS: Outlook not so good. Man, this Magic 8-Ball comes in handy!

14) We've seen Batman and Superman in 52, what week will Wonder Woman show up?

MS: Yes, indeed! Again, check out week 41, on sale Wednesday, February 14th. And fellas, this would make a fine Valentine�s Day gift for the ladies in your lives...though if you forego flowers and chocolates to give your loved one a comic book on February 14th, there�s no guarantee that she�ll be around by February 15th.

15) Will we get to see Batman again in 52 before it�s over?

MS: Yes, but not for another few weeks.

16) Will the other members of the Inferior 5 show up in 52 (I know the Blimp already has)

MS: Perhaps one or two...

17) Will the Shade show up in 52 (the guy needs an appearance soon seriously

MS: Are you sure you haven't seen him in 52 yet?

18) Was Skeets evil before Magnus worked on him in issue #2?

MS: Nope. Magnus clicked the switch from "good" to "evil" -- just like that Krusty the Clown doll.

19) We were told Anarky would be playing a part in 52. Could you please tell us when we can expect his appearances?

MS: Check back in the late 40s.

20) Were you surprised by any of the response to some of these more obscure characters? Are you considering spin-offs, mini-series, or ongoings of any of the character that survive the series other than Batwoman? (Not that I expect you to announce any characters now), but it seems to me that characters like Will Magnus and Ambush Bug and T.O. Morrow and, especially, the Marvel Family Villains have got an incredible amount of attention and excitement. And certainly the "leads" all have pretty high profiles at this point.

MS: It's amazing how certain characters have stood out and caught the attention of the fans. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to say which characters will be getting their own spin-offs and mini-series, but I can tell you that it's not all of the leads, and it's probably not everyone you think it is...

21) Will 52 players start appearing in DC titles as soon as 52 wraps? Will there be an explanation in regards to where they've been for that period of OYL time?

MS: You'll begin to find out where these characters have been about a week or so after 52 wraps up. And yes, everything will be explained...in time.

22) We've "checked in" with Superman, Batman, the Green Lanterns, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, the JSA, the Titans and Martian Manhunter. Will we be checking in with Aquaman at some point, and seeing how he got to be the Dweller?

MS: I think the writers are planning a voyage to the bottom of the sea in the early 40s.

23) Will we get to see when and why J'onn starts his mid-life crisis and starts dressing funny?

MS: You know that old expression about how war changes people? Well, it changes Martians, too.

24) What are the kryptonites that are in Lex's glove? Green (hurts Superman), Black (creates evil twins), blue (hurts Bizarro) and...? Will we learn how Batman got it?

MS: Batman obtained the glove after certain events in Superman/Batman...though the exact story of how he obtained the gauntlet hasn�t been told...yet.

25) Will Harvey Dent appear?

MS: In a manner of speaking...

26) Will we see Cassandra "Batgirl" Cain at all, and get any clues as to why her character was completely changed from an illiterate hero to a highly literate villain? Maybe she and an Earth-3 doppleganger changing places?

MS: Earth-3 doppleganger? What in the wide, wide world of sports are you talking about? As for Batgirl, check back around the last 40/very early 50s...

27) Are you able to speak to the whole "memories of the multi-verse thing?" In Infinite Crisis, the memory issue is raised when Kal-L leads the charge into Metropolis and Wildcat says he remembers him. But in the trade, Wildcat's line is changed so that he doesn't indicate remembering him.

Sooooo, what's up with that? Who remembers the previous Earths, outside of Power Girl? And if EVERYONE really does, how come Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, who seem to have had the most dramatic changes, not totally insane? Seriously though, I'm unclear on the Earth-2 memory thing; it was vague in Crisis, and then the change in the trade made it downright impenetrably confusing.

MS: I�ve been had! This isn�t a 52 question! This is an Infinite Crisis inquiry. All right, fine. Have it that way. You ask your Infinite Crisis question and I�ll turn the microphone over to Mr. Infinite Crisis himself -- Eddie Berganza:

Eddie Berganza: No hidden meaning in this, it was thought the line might have been confusing, so we took it out. Oops, didn't think it would cause more confusion.

MS: Thanks, Eddie!

28) Can you please make clear which characters from 52 are actually part of the "lockout" of being shown OYL while 52 is still going? There are characters like Red Tornado and Will Magnus who have their own plotlines, but have also been shown in Justice League of America, while there are ones like Batwoman who are still only being shown in 52.

MS: The characters "locked out" of the DCU are all of our leads: Ralph, Montoya, the Question, Booster, Skeets, Supernova, Steel, Infinity, Inc., Black Adam, Isis, Osiris, Starfire, Adam Strange, Animal Man, and Lobo. And just in case you�re wondering, "locked out" doesn�t necessarily mean dead.

29) Will we see what events led to Jim Gordon becoming Commissioner again and Harvey Bullock being reinstated on the Gotham Police Force in 52?

MS: Perhaps...though that's really more of Batman story than a 52 story, so don't be disappointed if it doesn't make the cut. The writers have a whole lotta story left to tell!

30) Will we see towards the end of 52 plotlines leading into the first OYL issues, such as Batman deciding it's time to go back to Gotham?

MS: Yeah, though most of these won't happen until much closer to the end of 52.

31) Can you explain from a storyline perspective how Lex Luthor is able to legally run the Everyman Project? One would think that if you need a license to carry a gun, then there would be some Federal or Police Control over people being given superpowers, especially since it's done through genetic engineering.

MS: Sure, it can be very easily explained. Lex has the three things that he needs to legally run the project: money, power, and influence. Combine all three ingredients, add a dash of underhandedness and a sprinkling of evil, shake well, then serve cold, over ice, and you�ve got your answer.

32) Were they serious about Most Excellent Super Bat, and if so, when will he appear?

MS: We haven't seen the end of the Bat -- super, excellent, or otherwise. Again, check back in a few weeks.

33) Will the story of how Lady Styx came into being be told in 52?

MS: Heh. You'll see her very beginning.

34) Was Kyle's line "This is sector 3599. And I hear 3600 is just an empty vacuum. Something wiped it out a LONG time ago." ("Rebirth") a reference, at least retroactively, to Lady Styx?

MS: It might've been a reference to Lady Styx...or it might've been a reference to the 52.

35) Is the Cult of Conner storyline finished, or will we be seeing some more of it before 52 ends?

MS: Well, you know the thing with cults: once you join one, it's impossible to get out of it.

36) What hatched from the cocoon in Sivanna's lab? And what connection does it have to Black Adam?

MS: Don�t know if anything actually hatched or survived...though something in that lab may have a direct, powerful and disturbing connection to Black Adam.

37) Is Skeets working on his own, or being manipulated by someone/something else?

MS: He's on his own, though that doesn't mean that he doesn't have a connection to another character...or group of characters.

38) Why haven't the Oolong Islanders taken Niles Caulder?

MS: They've taken him because he, too, is a brilliant scientist who has created doom.

39) Will Batwoman and Harvey Dent cross paths at all?

MS: Only if either one breaks the law.

40) I still can't see how Super Chief's brief entry and exit could be relevant to the story. Was his creation a joke from the writers?

MS: Nope. Sorry to disappoint, but no goofy in-jokes here. Super Chief does have an important connection to one of our main characters.

41) This question comes from my wife who only started reading DC recently and reads Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and 52. Is Montoya the "heart" of Batwoman in the prophecy?

MS: First and foremost, congrats on getting your wife to read a weekly comic. Tell her to spread the word, and to let us know what she thinks. As for Montoya being the "heart" of the Batwoman in the prophecy, the answer is no, though she is directly connected to both the prophecy and the Book of Crime.

42) Will Vic acknowledge the irony of he and Ted Kord both dying within a year of each other?

MS: I think Vic is too sick to acknowledge anything other than a bright light at the end of that long tunnel...

43) Also, was saving Batwoman really worth leaving Nanda Parabat the week before Cancer Curing Man got there? Especially when it turned out she could pretty much fend for herself?

MS: That's damn unfortunate, isn't it? Just wait until that realization hits Montoya...

44) When 52 is all said and done, will the fans ever have access to a breakdown of who wrote what?

MS: It's really not that black and white. All four writers really do write everything. They're in constant contact with each other, and with me, and once a week we have a great, big conference call where we break up each issue, and assign the pages. I can, however, tell you that Giffen has done ALL of the breakdowns. Does that help?

45) So I'm looking over week twelve again and I notice something weird. There is a scene when Black Adam and Adrianna visit the Rock of Eternity to find a crazy Captain Marvel. In the splash of the Seven Deadly Sins Statues, "Greed's" face has been destroyed. A few panels later Captain Marvel, who can "hear" the whispering chatter of the Sins tells us that he has crushed "Greed's" face for some offense and "it will take forever to grow back." Remember?

MS: Sure!

45a) All right, this is where it gets weird, later in the same issue when Black Adam is offering the Amulet of Isis there is a panel after Adam says "I need your help. I need someone at my side." The next panel the fire in the cauldron kicks up and in the back ground "Greed's" face is healed and undamaged.


Does this mean Adrianna has greed in her heart?

MS: It might mean that someone there isn't quite as pure as you've been led to believe. Or it might be that the artist made a mistake. Or perhaps it's neither...or both...

46) The X in the middle of the Ocean on the globe in Rip's lab, is where China and Kazakhstan are supposed to be. Are they destroyed?

MS: Not yet...

47) So...uh...

Booster came back the first time in a stolen Rip Hunter Time Machine, with several Legion artifacts.

MS: Okay.

47a) Crisis ends and as a result Superboy never existed.

MS: Wow.

47b) The Legion originally inspired by Superboy to become heroes now have no 'seed'.

MS: Don't be so sure...

47c) How are there artifacts from an era that no longer exists in a museum in the future?

MS: You sound so definite, but you've only read the first 34 issues of 52. Perhaps you should keep reading...

48) Why was the decision made to show World War 3 (a 52 event) in Justice Society #1? Why not keep the mystery going?

MS: The inclusion of WWIII into the opening of Justice Society of America #1 was just a tease, a reminder that we have a BIG event coming up. Besides, if we didn't hint at it, you guys would think that we just shoe-horned it in, and we've had WWIII--and its repercussions--planned for quite some time.

49) If all DC characters now remember their pre-Crisis histories, how does that affect Superman? It was always a bit unclear if the Silver Age version was wiped from existence and replaced or simply had his history, power level and memory rewoven.

MS: Come on! Another Crisis question? Where the hell is Eddie Berganza?

Eddie Berganza: The Silver-Age Superman was indeed replaced by the then more modern version and that one's history started unraveling as Superboy-Prime began hitting the crystal wall thus we started seeing a different BIRTHRIGHT to the Last Son of Krypton.

But to clarify when the multi-verse collapsed during the first Crisis, Earth-One was not the survivor, but rather a whole new Earth was reborn, which had a lot if instability to it that was only worsen with Alex Luthor and Prime's actions.

50) Are all the clues to figuring out Supernova's identity within 52 itself? For example, if you've never read a single DC comic book in your life before 52, would you still be able to figure it out?

MS: While it might help to have read other DCU books in the past, it's not impossible to discern the true identity of Supernova by piecing all of the clues together. And all clues--big AND small--have been dropped for several weeks now, so put those detective hats on!

51) Has the huge fan-reaction to Ambush Bug spurred DC into any further plans for him?

MS: There are some rumblings, but if you really want to see Ambush Bug again--be it in an ongoing, mini-series, or as a toy--then shout it from the rooftops and keep those cards and letters coming!!!

52) Will we see Captain Comet again in 52?

MS: Magic 8-Ball? "Outlook not so good." Well, what do you know.

Well, that's 52 questions, and that's all folks! See ya back here for the regular 5.2 questions about this week�s issue Friday!
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Old 12-28-2006, 06:36 PM   #2
I think when they do their next weekly series, DC should not answer any questions and put out no plot descriptions. Just let everything be a complete surprise. Don't even show the covers till it comes out. That way when something BIG happens, nobody will have seen it coming. That will make it a must-read.
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Old 12-28-2006, 06:42 PM   #3
General Zodd

So you want DC to put out a book without any advance marketing?

my god, it's so crazy, it might just work
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Old 12-28-2006, 06:52 PM   #4
You know who I haven't seen in 52 lately?

Plastic Man.

Obviously, he got himself some Krylon (R) Fusion (tm) paint, and he's Supernova!

*runs and hides now*
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Old 12-28-2006, 06:57 PM   #5
OK, this is making me not only frustrated and ticked off that I can't figure out the mysteries, but it also makes me anxious and excited to read more and more and more of 52.

I love it and hate it and am both happy and sad that it all ends in a few months.

*shakes fist*

Damn you DC!!!

- Vaneta
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Old 12-28-2006, 07:11 PM   #6
My theory is that Supernova is Jack Knight...I hope.
The pros:
-The Knight tech operates both light and gravity
-A device is mentioned
-Ralph knows Jack from his time in Opal City
-Jack doesn't know Wonder Girl (not too relevant...)

The cons:
-The glove in the batcave

Last edited by victorderas : 12-28-2006 at 07:29 PM.
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Old 12-28-2006, 07:22 PM   #7
Question Dies.

Ralph's wife is still dead.

Booster Gold is still just bones.

Has anyone else at this point realized that anything bad that happens to these chracters might just be a reason to mess with the time stream later? Question 43 got me thinking. Most speculation I read on the boards in all liniar. How one character's story will resolve. Has anyone been thinking about how they call could tie together and affect each other? Like braking time to save the Question....
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Old 12-28-2006, 07:51 PM   #8
damn it. damn it. damn it.

i've read every freaking word of this interview, and i STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHO SUPERNOVA IS!!!!

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Old 12-28-2006, 07:55 PM   #9
Supernova is Ray Palmer!
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Old 12-28-2006, 08:10 PM   #10
wolverine is supernova!
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Old 12-28-2006, 08:22 PM   #11
Dave Fury
Originally Posted by victorderas
My theory is that Supernova is Jack Knight...I hope.
The pros:
-The Knight tech operates both light and gravity
-A device is mentioned
-Ralph knows Jack from his time in Opal City
-Jack doesn't know Wonder Girl (not too relevant...)

The cons:
-The glove in the batcave

I was thinking it was Snapper Carr using his old Star Czar outfit.
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Old 12-28-2006, 08:37 PM   #12
Wasn't the JLA/Humanity battle against Maggedon World War 3? Is the upcoming World War 3 the second World War 3? Or did the first World War 3 vanish into a Didio-inspired void due to Superboy's cosmic space wall punchings? Ugh...
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Old 12-28-2006, 08:42 PM   #13
How can you have something as big as World War III go down with no repercussions or mentions in every DCU book One Year Later? Wouldn't all the heroes and citizens still be talking about it? Wouldn't Checkmate be saying things like "sheeee-it (as spoken by Clay Davis from The Wire), that whole World War III thing was rough"
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Old 12-28-2006, 08:46 PM   #14
i'm more convinced than ever that booster's story is not over yet
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Old 12-28-2006, 08:48 PM   #15
Oh, Man! I love the intrigue this series provides!

Can't Wait for the WWIII event, and (Much Sooner) Week 35! Damn, Week 34 has one Sweet Cliffhanger!
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Old 12-28-2006, 08:56 PM   #16
Originally Posted by victorderas
My theory is that Supernova is Jack Knight...I hope.
The pros:
-The Knight tech operates both light and gravity
-A device is mentioned
-Ralph knows Jack from his time in Opal City
-Jack doesn't know Wonder Girl (not too relevant...)

The cons:
-The glove in the batcave

See this is what I was going to ask for. If anyone can guess who is Supernova, can you provide the rest of us with the clues like this guy did?
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Old 12-28-2006, 08:57 PM   #17
Originally Posted by rpi
Wasn't the JLA/Humanity battle against Maggedon World War 3? Is the upcoming World War 3 the second World War 3? Or did the first World War 3 vanish into a Didio-inspired void due to Superboy's cosmic space wall punchings? Ugh...

The Morrison WWIII was never actually called that by the populace of the DCU. It was basically titling for the story, but not an agreed upon event. This is actually a true World War, from all I can see.
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Old 12-28-2006, 09:00 PM   #18
As far as Sector 3600...yeah, it was destroyed, but it had nothing to do with 52.

The Story of Sector 3600

Now, that doesn't mean they're not going to spin it into 52 somehow. Either that, or he's just getting coyer and coyer each week.
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Old 12-28-2006, 09:02 PM   #19
Funny, references to both The Simpsons and Blazing Saddles in one Q&A. I like Michael Siglain.
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Old 12-28-2006, 09:54 PM   #20
Siglain seems to indicate that the space storyline may be taking place in the past. Maybe Supernova is Animal Man returned from the past. He could be using Adam Strange's Rann tech to generate the additional powers. As Animal Man, Buddy can already fly and be superstrong if neccessary. With Rann tech he could also teleport and generate laser/light effects. Plus, Buddy knows both Ralph and Booster from his Justice League days.
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Old 12-28-2006, 09:58 PM   #21
Yeah, I'm a little concerned that WWIII seems forgotten OYL. Like, it was so big and earth-shattering that nobody wants to think about it anymore, except the JSA. Not even a mention of clean up or anything.

And the identity of Supernova was correctly guessed by a contestant from Vermont in this week's episode of NBC's Identity, with Penn Jillette. (Boy am I gonna feel dumb if someone's already used that joke). Next up is a guess spot in Heroes.

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Old 12-28-2006, 09:59 PM   #22
what a shock that most of his answers were 'check back later' , 'not yet', or 'just wait'

It works for everything.

Hey Michael, any chance Beppo the super monkey will show up and anally rape Perry White?

'just wait'

Michael, will they ever explain why the superheroes flew out into space in Infinite Crisis for no other reason than to blow off Alexander Luthor's finger to get killed and mangled like dumbasses?

'not yet'

Michael, is 52 actually a reference to the number of cards in a deck, meaning the Joker will show up at the end and kill Skeets while Luthor informs him his whole plan fell apart because he didn't let the Joker play?

'check back later'
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Old 12-28-2006, 10:13 PM   #23
Dave Fury
Originally Posted by WisoPR
See this is what I was going to ask for. If anyone can guess who is Supernova, can you provide the rest of us with the clues like this guy did?


Supernova is Snapper Carr.

- Snapper Carr was once the Star Czar
- The costume he wore contained circuitry that duplicated star powers
- Stars do involve light and gravity and the Star Czar's costume would be able to replicate it
- Ralph knows Snapper from their days in the JLA
- Snapper doesn't know Wonder Girl
- Snapper knows Bruce Wayne is Batman and would know where the Batcave is
- Both Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and now 52 have been bringing back silver and bronze age characters (Super Chief, Supernova, Isis, Egg Fu, the mad scientists, etc.)

No cons that I can think of.
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Old 12-28-2006, 10:18 PM   #24
Disco Cookie
Originally Posted by anghus
Hey Michael, any chance Beppo the super monkey will show up and anally rape Perry White?

Last I heard Beppo wasn't into humans...

Nice interview. Happy to have some teases and some 'wait and sees' myself, keeps things interesting.
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Old 12-28-2006, 10:21 PM   #25
Originally Posted by ElijahSnowFan
damn it. damn it. damn it.

i've read every freaking word of this interview, and i STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHO SUPERNOVA IS!!!!


Isn't it obvious? SUPERNOVA is CHUCK NORRIS!!!
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