Cobbs Engine House and Chimney

Listed Buildings in Rowley Regis - Cobb's Engine House and Chimney, Warrens Hall Park, Dudley Road, Rowley Regis

Statutory list reference: 8/169

Statutory List grade: Grade II
First listed: 02/08/1972
Period: circa 1831
Monument type: Mine Pumping House/Chimney
National Grid reference E: 395405  N: 288321
Conservation Area: Warrens Hall, Rowley Regis
Building at risk: This building is not at risk

Statutory list description:

Mine pumping engine house, now disused. Circa 1831.  Erected by Sir Horace St Paul, later owned by Staffordshire Mines Drainage Commission. Brick. Now roofless. Originally of three storeys, with a cylinder floor at ground level, chamber floor above, and a bob or beam loft. The south gable wall is thicker than the others and has a plug rod portal on the ground floor, with a flat head, and a bob portal under the apex with round arch. The east and west walls both have a ground floor window with segmental head. The north gable wall has a cylinder portal on the ground floor, an opening to the middle storey with round head, and two smaller openings above. The boiler chimney tapers from 11’ 6’ square at the base to 4 feet at the top and is 95 feet high.  Originally contained a single-acting condensing engine. A winding engine of Newcomen type was removed from the site in 1928 and transferred to the Henry Ford Museum, Michegan, USA.  The engine house is the earliest surviving example of its type and one of the few engine houses left in the Black Country. Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Further information:

This building or structure is included in the schedule of buildings of special architectural or historic interest made under to the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 and preceding legislation. This record was last updated on 1st April 2006. For advice as to any subsequent additions or deletions to the statutory list entry, please contact the Council's Conservation Officer.