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28 May 2006
Hello, folks. I'm bored. I have exams. Creatures is an excellent displacement activity. So anyway, fuzzie found out that the clouds in Creatures 3 don't actually work as they're supposed to. I thought y'all should know how to fix them. All you have to do is open in your favourite text editor the file Bootstrap/001 World/norn atmosphere machine.cos in your Creatures 3 directory, and add, just before doif ov99 le -30, the line: targ ownr. That sorts it.

20 April 2006
An agent! Over some considerable time I've written an implementation of the game 'Asteroids' for Docking Station. I've wanted to do this ever since I saw the asteroids.c16 sprite in C3, which this uses. Also hosted on Eem Labs, because {I ∈ {Sine Creatures Collective}}.

17 April 2006
For reasons of national security, the following links appear:
Lifandi is a Freetures project worked on mainly by SineWaves network people. It uses openc2e, a Creatures Evolution Engine founded by our beloved fuzzie.

Oh. And that counter down there was making popups out of nothing, but I stopped it now. I guess that's why you don't include random javascript into your pages.

4 September 2005
Updated contact, links, centres, jrc. I've started trying to learn some caos, and that makes me creepy and weird by my standards. AGC is picking up a bit. Bye.

My simple slant, this broken chant, I forget the next line - 18 October 2003
Yeah, stagnation time. Updated contact page so as to hopefully avoid giving spammers my permanent address. On an unrelated note (D flat, I think), did you ever notice October is NOT the eighth month in the year? I'm guessing it's because it USED to be, and then Julius and Augustus Caesars came along and inserted themselves like unwanted greenfly. Alternative and/or conspiratorial theories to me, please, the best will be shown on Friday Night With Alex Watson, my upcoming chat show. (No, not really.)

Insert lyric or other quote here - 4 May 2003
Oh boy, this site was linked to from Rascii's great community site Creatures Caves (just observing protocol, ma'am.) And I'm rapidly re-learning all these promotional devices I'd forgotten about. I've realised, for instance, that instead of this site being badly designed, it's actually clean cut. Sorry, I'll cut down on the cynicism in future updates. I ought to make a little non-anything site that I can ramble on (*cough*livejournal*cough*.)

I see. - 29 April 2003
It appears Creature Labs' assets have been sold to people no one has any knowledge of! Full article here.

Heute die Welt, Morgens das Sonnensystem! - 21 April 2003
At last, the NEXT GENERATION of SITE is completed, presented here for your viewing pleasure. EVERYTHING is updated, with little new content, but with the worst of the worst of the old content removed, and cynical commentary on my ability as a webmaster added in. You'll love it. Yes, I mean YOU, text-based browser users.

Worst update EVER. - 5 April 2003
That's right, you heard me. I mean, Creature Labs has kind of died now, how disgusting. If you have Docking Station and CANNOT create a new world, look at Creatures Mainframe, it has a login disabler what works great. Oh, and the dockingstation-aftermath Yahoo group is non-literally full of messages, and also have a look at AGC, as you should have done years ago.

Redesign time! - 25 January 2003
Breaking news, so breaking in fact that it hasn't left Alex's hard disk yet, suggests that Alex's Creatures is being redesigned. You won't get this news until it's finished, sorry.

In Soviet Russia, the pages update YOU! - 12 January 2003
Updated Weird Sprites page slightly (no new images, just changed the text. Oh, that'll be a local update, I'll upload them later.) Slight links and terps updates.

Ha-HA! ...Rather childish, really. - 3 November
Mike has kindly agreed to host the Sprites, Screenshots of Wolfling Runs sections on Pyrosinc.com. Hip-hip-hooray.

This one's for [insert cause]! - 24 October
Updated a load of things, including webcam, to make them fit into the newish formatish of the page (i.e. Verdana, done with CSS). I might not upload all of them when I come to update, sorry.

With one bound, Jack was free! - 19 October
Updated contact details page. It now includes my MSN messenger details and PGP public key. Also updated thanksforsubmittingyourmadcomments page.

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