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Mines, UXO, Cluster Bombs Victims
August 14, 2006
November 6, 2006

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1,191 974,184 30,000
Dead Displaced by the war Homes destroyed
4,409 200,000 95
Injured Current refugees Bridges hit
“Our choice is clear. We have chosen life... We have overcome wars and destruction over the ages. We shall rise up again."
Prime Minister Fuad Siniora (26/07/2006)
Relief Distribution to-date
  • 854,823 Weekly adult food baskets
  • 26,019 Weekly children food basket
  • 583,988 Hot family meals
  • 145,425 Blankets
  • 142,482 Mattresses

    ICRC completes additional water projects
    Zayed Foundation offers US$200,000 to Lebanese pediatric hospital
    Poor data limits aid work
    Lebanon rapid post-conflict recovery program
    Livelihoods Intervention for fishermen in Beirut
    MP pays tribute to MAG teams in south Lebanon
    Irish donation will help treat chronic diseases
    Middle East crisis relief
    Lebanon Humanitarian Crisis
    From relief to recovery
    National Arab American Medical Association donates $50,000 in support of the United Lebanon Relief Campaign
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    Statement of the Council of Ministers 


    Statement of the Council of Ministers 

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