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Thursday October 19 2006

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A sexy search engine, sort of


Now there's a great-looking looking female searcher who talks to you, though searching isn't her strong point.

Ms Dewey is good for a bit of a laugh, but has little or no chance of forming a long term relationship, given that she's amazingly slow at coming up with results, and they are displayed in an extremely poor way.

However, you're not really supposed to search for things, just type in searches that will provoke interesting reactions.

Have a go before reading on (spoiler)....

This actually seems to be a viral for Microsoft Live, and may ultimately prove to have Zune connections, or else it's just a bit of fun. (Try some team member names.) In one clip, she plays Halo, so try that for a tip.

The lovely and talented Ms Dewey is a singer and actress, Janina Gavankar with a minimalist Web site at As Janina Ziona, she hosted the Sony PlayStation E3 Party 2006. Which just goes to show what a very small world it is.

(Anybody know what she says when she talks backwards?)


It appears to be the work of EVB. There is also code in there that references MSN, so I would think that might confirm Microsoft's involvement. There's also an easter egg in there but I don't want to spoil it.

Posted by richardleggett on October 19, 2006 03:56 PM.
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Hmm Interesting searcher.

" Keith Knutsson "

Posted by KeithKnutsson on October 19, 2006 05:15 PM.
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When i try and open this in Firefox or safari the browses closes automatically- weird search engine indeed!

Posted by jakerphillips on October 20, 2006 02:47 PM.
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