Ask Richard - August 2001
9 August 2001

Richard will you ever release any of the tracks you have written for other people but this time sung by you?

Mark from Preston, England 

"When I write a song for someone else, I really never regret giving it away as opposed to singing it myself. It's just not a thought I have. And while I like singing those songs live once in awhile, as with "This I Promise You," I don't see recording them in the future. Never say never, but I always like the idea of writing more new songs instead."

Richard, your song 'Big Boy Now' from Rush Street is a personal favorite of mine.  When I sing along, it seems like the lyrics were written exclusively for me.  I understand Fay wrote the lyrics but I'm curious if you had any input and if so, how much?  Thanks for all the great songs over the years and for being 'Richard'.  Days in Avalon is outstanding.  Please don't let it be your last!

John from North Carolina

"Fee Waybill knows what this song is really about but I don't. I think it's about the pain we feel as we mature and all the grown up stuff we have to deal with. Glad you like it."

If you could change anything about you as a person what would it be?? Thanks!!

Suzanne from Ireland

"There's a lot I would change but I just try to chip away at things little by little. I'm not as impatient as I used to be, but sometimes it's still a problem. I'm very driven all the time, but I'm trying to slow down and breathe deeper once in awhile. Other than that, I'm extremely perfect. Just ask my mother."

What question do you least like to answer during interviews?

Katy from England 

"I really hate it when someone asks me which questions I don't like to be asked. No, I guess I don't enjoy explaining my beginnings much because I figure the interviewer can easily access that info and we're wasting time that could be spent talking about what's happening now."

Hi Richard, how are you?  my question for you is what’s your favorite movie this year? :) Thanks & *hugs* to you!

Selena from Oklahoma 

"I haven't seen an awesome movie this year. I rented "You Can Count On Me" which I really loved, but I think that's from last year. I'm going to see "The Score" tomorrow night with Fee Waybill because we both love Marlon Brando."

Richard, I met you I think in the summer of '98 when you performed at The Palace at Myrtle Beach. I asked you to sign your picture with Deborah Gibson in her biography book. You mentioned that you were friends with Deborah and she had asked you to write a song. Did you ever do that or do you have plans to do so? Even better I'd love to see you two do a duet. Thanks.

Martin from Rocky Mount, NC 

"I've known Deb a long time, but we've never worked together. She's asked me a few times, but scheduling didn't work out. She's come to visit me in the studio and at my house, and I really like her. She's very talented. I'm not sure our musical styles would work together, but we'd have fun."

I remember watching the interviews included in the home video that was released around the time of Repeat Offender.  You were talking about Michael Bay and the amazing ideas he had for the video including making Anglia deceased in the video.  What do you think of the amazing success he has had with his movies especially his newest, Pearl Harbor?  Have you kept in touch with him or been asked by him to work on music for any of his movies?

Laura from Watervliet, NY

"Yeah, Michael keeps BEGGING me to star in his films, but I say no so he has to stoop to getting guys like Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck and Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. What can you do?  I haven't been in touch with him since we worked together years ago, but I'm really happy for his success."

Hi Richard I was wondering do you get mistaken for another celebrity and who might it be? 

Renea from Ohio

"It's funny you ask that because every day someone comes up and asks me if I'm Brad Pitt. It's getting SOOO tiresome. My favorite story about this is when I was on tour in '88 and I went with the band to a movie theatre in Atlanta one night. As we passed the concession stand, there was a group of young black guys that started staring at me. I walked past them into the theatre and Paul Warren came in a few feet behind me. Paul was gut laughing when he sat down next to me. I said, "What's so funny?" He said, "As you walked past those guys, one of them said 'See, man, I TOLD you! That was WHAM!!!' "

Dear Richard, what do you like to read in your spare time? Do you enjoy reading novels? If so, who's your favorite writer and why do you like him/her most?  Thank you.

Helen from P.R.China 

"I read everything from suspense novels (love Stephen King and Allan Folsom) to biographies (reading Sumner Redstone's now) to self-help books. I've been enjoying Tom Brokaw's collection of WW2 stories in The Greatest Generation.  And I love John Grisham because he always humiliates the tobacco industry. I also try to read old classics once in awhile because I never really paid attention to them in school."

Hi Richard, I was wondering if you had a particular person in mind when writing the song "Superstar" off the Rush Street album. Thanks!

Brianna from Illinois

"OK. It's been 10 years. It's about Madonna."

Hi Richard, What would you consider as your most prized possession other than your family?  Keep making music, Richard because your true fans will always be behind you 100%. 

Heather from Herndon, VA

"I guess other than photos of my family past and present it would be my collection of Elvis Presley records. I've worked on it my whole life. A close second would be the hat that Robert Conrad wore in Wild, Wild West that hangs on my wall in our basement."

When I feel down, I watch one of your music videos and it always cheers me up!  What do you do when you are feeling down?  P.S. Thank you for all the beautiful music.

Kimberley from Scotland

"So, Kimberley, when you're really down, do you watch "Hazard?" Not a good idea, dear. I get down like everyone else, and I use music like so many others.  Never my own.  I have a list of songs that can always alter my mood."

Hi Richard!! Big fan here!!  I would like to know, have you sung the National Anthem before any event? If so, where, and how was it?? I've heard its a very difficult song to sing.. Thanks, and keep up the good work!! Please come to Philly sometime!!

Greg from Pennsylvania

"I have sung the anthem at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in '94; at the All Star Game in '89 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, and they were both televised worldwide. I've also sung it at Bulls games and tennis matches.  It's not easy to sing, but I've found a way that I can enjoy singing it.  It takes practice."

Richard, I think you are a terrific singer/songwriter.  I love the "Day in Avalon" album.  My question is, have you ever considered doing a "live" performance album?  Why or why not?  Thanks.

Kathy from California

"I think what makes my live show unique is the banter between me and the crowd and the silly, goofy stuff that goes on between songs. That can't really be captured on tape, so doing a live CD wouldn't be that interesting to me."

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