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05 Feb 2004  -  Italy

Even a tank can't halt schu now

Even a tank can't halt Schu now

A tank could roll over Michael Schumacher's new Formula One car this season and the world champion would probably just hop out and walk away without a scratch.

The Ferrari ace's super-tough new helmet, the Schuberth RF 1.5, costs about 15 thousand Euros but it guarantees him the safest head on the grand prix grid.

It's made of multi-layered carbon-fibre and is twice as strong as a standard F1-lid - and makers Schuberth proved it by driving an army- tank over the top.

'It is 100 per cent better in shock absorption and strength,' said Schumacher. 'But the [extra] weight still bothers me and we need to work on that.'


Schumacher's 'mate' David Coulthard might even wear the helmet in 2004.

'He's been testing it for a while but it depends,' said development manager Oliver Schimpf. 'You see, we are not supplying them for free.

'But this is the safest helmet money can buy,' he was quoted by The Mirror.

Schimpf said his technicians had to completely redesign the RF 1.5 for Coulthard because his head is about 15 percent bigger, and squarer, than Schumacher's.

Source GMM / CAPSIS International

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