Hall of Fame

The British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame was started in 1948 by the weekly newspaper "Ice Hockey World", but lapsed with the publication's demise in 1958. The Hall of Fame was revived in 1986 by

the British Ice Hockey Writers' Association, the name was changed in 2006 to Ice Hockey Journalists UK.  Each year, a sub-committee of IHJUK considers potential new members for induction, the criterion being that an individual must have rendered "outstanding service to British Ice Hockey". 

"The biographies on the Hall of Fame members have largely been provided by Martin C.Harris, a labour of love for which the IHJUK and the Hall of Fame Committee are extremely grateful." 


"'The biographies of the Hall of Fame members may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express permission of the Martin C Harris Archives."

*indicates a member of the Great Britain squad which, in 1936, won the World, Olympic and European Championships. Those who had not previously been inducted were inducted en bloc in 1993. 


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*2006* Inductees Jimmy Spence, Paul Adey, Ken Swinburne and James 'Tiny' Syme

Number of Inductees 93

Member's A to E


Member's F to N

Induction Member's P to Z Induction
Paul Adey *2006* Jimmy Foster 1950 B.M. 'Peter' Patton 1950
J.F. 'Bunny' Ahearne* 1986 R.G. 'Bobby' Giddens 1986 Annette & Allan Petrie 2005
Les Anning 1999 Bill Glennie 1951 Bert Peer 1955
Alex 'Sandy' Archer* 1993 Alec Goldstone 1992 Gordie Poirer 1948
Vic Batchelder 2000 Roy Halpin 1986 Derek Reilly 1987
Lou Bates 1950 Art Hodgins 1989 Clarence 'Sonny' Rost 1955
George Beach 1989 Shannon Hope 1999 John Rost 1991
Joe Beaton 1950 Gib Hutchinson 1951 Blaine Sexton 1950
Mike Blaisdell 2004 Thomas 'Red' Imrie 1987 Roy Shepherd 1999
Bill Booth 1989 Peter 'Jonker' Johnson 1989 J.J. 'Icy' Smith 1988
Jimmy Borland* 1993 Chris Kelland 2002 Floyd Snider 1951
Rick Brebant 2004 'Doc' Kellough 1950 Jimmy Spence *2006*
Edgar 'Chirp' Brenchley* 1993 Willie Kerr Snr 1990 Harvey 'Red' Stapleford 1986
Alastair Brennan 1990 Keith Kewley 2005 Gary Stefan 2000
Billy Brennan 2004 Jack Kilpatrick* 1993 Sam Stevenson 1986
 Keith 'Duke' Campbell 1948 Charlie Knott JR 2004 Archie Stinchcombe* 1951
Earl Carlson 1998 Gordon Latto 1999 Les Strongman 1987
Johnny Carlyle 1988 Tommy Lauder 1951 James 'Tiny' Syme *2006*
Jimmy Chappell* 1993 John Lawless 1997 Thomas 'Tuck' Syme 2005
Art Child 1993 Ernie Leacock 1987 Ken Swinburne *2006*
Willie Clark 1993 Benny Lee 1995 Glynne Thomas 1991
Kevin Conway 2005 Bobby Lee 1949 Nico Toeman 1993
Ian Cooper 2002 Lawrence Lovell 1992 Alan Weeks 1988
Stephen Cooper 2003 Jim Lynch 2001 Jack Wharry 1994
Johnny Coward* 1993 Pat Marsh 1988 Ian Wight 1993
Micky Curry 1994 Terry Matthews 1987 Bob Wyman* 1993
Gordon Dailley* 1993 Freddie Meredith 2003 Victor 'Chick' Zamick 1951
Norman de Mesquita 2002 George McNeil 1956    
Alex Dampier 1995 Alfie Miller 1989    
Gerry Davey* 1949 Wally 'Pop' Monson 1955    
Frank Dempster 1992 Johnny Murray 1996    
Jack Dryburgh 1991 Percy Nicklin* 1988    
Sir Arthur Elvin, MBE 1990         
Carl Erhardt* 1950