CP Quick Directions

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*Please note that these quick directions are from craft designer/author Shirley Now as found in Xavier Roberts Presents Little People Pals {1982} from Plaid Enterprises, Inc.

1. With right sides together, sew arm piece.  Turn to right side.  Gather up arm toward hand to stuff. 2.  Stuff arm. 3.  After sewing arms into body, gather up leg and stuff toe. 4.  When legs are stuffed sufficiently, stuff torso.
5.  When body has been completely stuffed, sew neck closed. 6.  Push needle into inside of wrist, through to other side, and out. 7.  Bring needle over top and back over to inside of wrist. Complete step 6 & 7 2 times to hold. 8.  Pull thread tightly to make wrist.
9.  From hole #3, push needle through inside of head, bringing needle out at hole #4 on front. 10.  Bring needle around {thread on outside} to hole #4 on back, then through inside and out hole #4 on front, wrapping thread on outside.  Repeat. 11.  Use same technique to  make 5 fingers. 12.  Begin needle at inside seam of ankle through center of leg and out the other side of ankle.
13.  With thread on outside, bring needle back around to inside of leg; pull tightly. 14.  Push needle from ankle through stuffing; come out at toe point #1. 15.  Go across top of foot to #2, through inside, and out at #1. 16.  From #1, go through inside; come out at #3.
17.  Finished toes. 18.  Alternate ankle and wrist. 19.  Sew small darts around head piece as indicated on pattern. 20.  Stuff head-circle.  Sew bottom closed.
21.  Measure and place pins as guide for face stitches. 22.  To make bridge of nose, push needle in at point #1, across and out point #2. 23.  Take needle back in at #2 {making a very small stitch} and out at #1.  Squeeze to shape, pull thread tightly. 24.  From #1, bring needle out at #3.  With thread on outside, go over to #4 to make mouth.  Go back up at #2.
25.  From #2, go down to #5 on inside, then back up to #2. 26.  From #2, go down to #6 on inside. 27.  Attach {Bunny's} hair, using the hair backstitch technique. 28.  "Baby Sweetie's" hair {making loops}.
29.  "Baby Sweetie's" hair {sewing loops onto top of head}. 30.  After shaping face and attaching hair, sew head onto stuffed body. 31.  To add life to baby, blush areas of front. 32.  Blush areas at back of baby.