Aurora Minui's Page of Useless Virtual Pet Trivia

Having seen all of the really neat and useful tamagotchi pages out there, with cheats, detailed descriptions, little charts showing how to get each character, etc, I decided to dedicate an entire page to useless trivial observations on Tamagotchi and other virtual pets.

Well, not really... I've done my best to make this a resource for not only Tamagotchi lovers, and fans of virtual pets, but also people interested in aspects of Japanese culture. Tamagotchi is, after all, a uniquely Japanese invention, despite its universal popularity, and many of the names, snacks, and "special events" in a Tamagotchi-related toy have little Japanese cultural in-jokes that may not be so obvious to the uninitiated.

Here, for your reading pleasure, are various pages I've dedicated to tips, trivia, and the occasional interesting observation about tam-dom.

Tamagotchi Characters

Translated Japanese information from Bandai, on the 'canonical' personalities that the Tamagotchi Characters are said to have, as well as anecdotes and experiences from tam-lovers like you!

Includes Tamagotchi Ocean, Wedding Tamagotchi, Tamagotchi Angel, and Generation 1 and 2 Tamagotchi Character information, as well as animated and still GIF files of the characters.

The webmaster recommends the Wedding Tamagotchi area (lots of detailed description and personal anecdotes) and the Tamagotchi Ocean area (never released in North America!).

Tamagotchi Ocean Information

Information on the Tamagotchi Ocean toy itself, rather than the characters of Tamagotchi Ocean. A glimpse at a fascinating and challenging Tamagotchi toy never released outside of Japan!

Osuchi Mesuchi Information

A detailed study of the Osuchi Mesuchi Mateable Tamagotchi (also known as Wedding Tamagotchi). Never released outside of Japan, but has at least twice as many characters as the original Tamagotchi... and plenty of new functions, too!

Tamagotchi Tips

Odd little tidbits on caring for most types of Tamagotchi, observations on the little idiosyncracies of the different Tamagotchi series', and tips on how to keep your Tamagotchi looking nice and neat.

Tamagotchi Horoscopes

My original version of horoscopes for your Tamagotchi (and other virtual pets!) using information from Kwok Man Ho's "Chinese Zodiac Library".

My Virtual Pet Diaries

Probably the highlight of my Tamagotchi Area, along with the Tamagotchi Characters Section. An often painstakingly-written record of me and my virtual pets, as we slowly mature, evolve, and transform... Also includes the odd recipe, book review, and anything else that caught my fancy at the time.

One out of 1 paleontologists say it's "all cute an' scientific"!

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