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Real Estate Photography


All About Skyscrapers offers a custom photography service for people who need photos of Real Estate Property in the Houston Area. 


Having professional quality photos can be very useful for buyers or property owners wishing to properly evaluate the property or obtain photo documentation.


Our work has previously been used by multiple publications which include the Discovery Channel, Tall Buildings Magazine, and many more.


All photos taken will be kept confidential, and no information regarding your photos will be given out.



We are located in the Houston area, and serve all of the following areas:

If you have a project located outside the areas shown on the map, please contact us.  We are willing to travel anywhere in the United States for the willing customer; additional costs may apply.



Houston Area

Commercial Properties - 25 Photos $150.00
Commercial Properties - 50 Photos $200.00
Residential Properties - 25 Photos $100.00
Residential Properties - 50 Photos $150.00


You can choose to have the Photos taken of both the inside and outside, but inside pictures can only be taken if we have the proper permission and authorization from the owner.


Large properties that require more photos than the offered packages can be performed under special request, please contact us before paying.


How Fast?


Color on Map Above Turn around Time
Yellow, Green, Grey 48 hours
Blue, Purple, Tan, Orange 6 days


These are the turn around times we guarantee, but most often the photos will take less time to be processed and sent out.  We take photos 7 days a week, so the above turn around times include weekends.


If weather conditions could threaten the quality of the photos, the buyer will be notified before the photos are taken.  The buyer will then have the decision to wait an additional day to receive the pictures in order to achieve better quality.


Photo Quality


All Photos are taken in 1600x1200 JPEGS, or 1920x2560 for an additional $20.  We use state-of-the-art technology to achieve the greatest possible quality.


You can choose to have the photos mailed on a CD or emailed.




If you choose, we will also place your photos on a webpage, which will be accessible 24/7 for FREE.  This is the simplest way to display your photos to clients or friends; all you need to do is send out a link to the structure's web page.


The page will stay on the internet for no shorter than a year, or whenever you tell us to remove it.


Real Estate Photography Example




Please fill out the following form to get a price quote.  You will then receive an email within 24 hours with an invoice

Full Name:


Email Address:


Phone Number:


Payment Method:


If other:


Full Address of Property:




Would you like your photos published to the web?








Type of Photos:


Inside (only with proper authorization)



Special Requests or Comments:


For an Immediate response or inquiry, you can call us at 281-630-8667