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Saturday Market Bag, by Jodie Danenberg

In Eugene, Oregon we have an outdoor market every Saturday from April until November. Not only is it a great time in the sun, but a great place to get organic veggies and food grown nearby. I made this with the outdoor market use in mind. It’s a versatile bag that will stretch to the shape of it’s odd shaped contents perfectly. It can either be made as a hand bag or with a shoulder strap. Make several as reusable grocery bags or one for the occasional weekend picnic.

Difficulty Level - Intermediate

Materials Needed
Brown Sheep Company Cotton Fleece (80% Cotton, 20% Wool) in desired color 1 skein
Size US15/ 10mm needles circular
Size US10/ 6mm needles
Yarn needle

Yarn SubstitutesSugar and Cream (100% cotton)

Sizes – Size of Body of Bag – 16 inches/40.5 cms x 13 inches 33 cms.

Stitch Instructions
Lace Background Stitch -
Row 1 – (RS) – k1 *yo, sl 1, k1, yo, psso the knit st and the following yo; repeat from*
Row 2 – *P2, drop the yo from the proceeding row; rep from* end p1.
Row 3 – K2, rep from * of Row 1, end k1.
Row 4 – P3 * drop the yo from the proceeding row, P2; rep from*


Body of Bag - Make 2;

With larger needles CO 45
Repeat Rows 1-4 of Lace Background Stitch 6 times.
Cast Off

Place the two squares together so the cast off sides are both on the bottom. Sew together the sides and bottom.


With smaller needles pick up 68 sts on the un-sewn side of the body starting on the side seam.
Row 1 – K
Row 2 – P
Row 3&4 - Repeat rows 1 & 2
Row 5 – K 3, Cast Off 28, K6, Cast Off 28, K3.



Turn work and K6 working in garter st until strap is to desired length. Place stitches on a holder and cut off yarn leaving room for weaving ends.
Work remaining 6 stitches for the same number of rows as first strap in Garter Stitch.


Make sure that straps are not twisted and Graft together using Kitchner Stitch.
Weave in all ends.


Jodie is a violinist and knitter who lives in Eugene, OR. She is always looking for excuses to knit things for her boyfriend, friends, family and cat. Read more of her adventures at Strings & Yarn
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