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Hi everybody! I’ve been shifting stuff around for a bit, as far as chapter names and what have you. Sorry for the confusion. I’ve finally decided everything from Consolation Prize to Brain Games really deserves its own chapter since it has little to do with Oasis and Hereti-Corp (Phoenix Rising) or Aylee’s fate. So the Aylee chapter will begin and pickup pace quickly after I’m back from working on my next book in the first Monday of February. At least that’s the current plan, but boy I’m random lately!

The Year 2007 MEANS: More plots resolved, More Sluggy Books, More “breaks” for Pete! Read the News Below!

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Pete 2007 Resolutions
By Pete on January 8th, 2007
Welcome everybody to 2007, hope you all had a great New Year and holiday celebrations! I had a great time with my family but I just did not get enough rest time. So here’s my plan to set things right without my head exploding! Starting with the next book:

Next Book Project:
The most impending thing is I have a lot of work to do on the next Sluggy Freelance book and I have to have it done by the start of February. This means I NEED to be taking off from the strip from the 22nd to February 4th. I’ll give you more details about this book as February gets closer.

More Time Off?
I know, I know, that's another two weeks, but for the book project, I have no choice. Also I think I’m going to have to take more and more time from the strip because my schedule has just not been working for me since my daughter started school in September. If I keep working like I am, I fear it will lead to sub-par strips in a downward spiral to the doom of Sluggy.

I had one year of Sluggy Freelance where I took off all the time, for every holiday and whenever I felt a little burned out. The result was much complaining and gnashing of teeth from the sluggite community. So I’m going to try not to go that far. One thing I do not want to do is intentionally hack out strips. Sure, I’d rather deliver sub-par strips caused from excess napping rather than sub-par strips caused from burning the candle at both ends, but I’m trying to figure out how to avoid sub-par strips all together.

Bottom Line on Time Off:

I’m not sure what I will do exactly at this point, but I’m going to keep struggling to get my schedule to fit in my life. On the bright side, I’m hoping to keep tying up lose ends as we go. The “Phoenix Rising” chapter still ran a little too long and I want to try and tighten things up as we move towards the subject of Aylee!

On Con Reports:
Speaking of driving myself crazy, burning the candle at both ends, and delivering sub-par work, yikes! I tried to do the con reports for Comic-Con, Liberty Con, and Ubercon (all 2006 cons) and it was trying to squeeze blood from a stone. You can’t get blood from a stone, but I discovered you could get crap from a stone! Crap-crap-crap! They were all of them great cons and deserve great reports! So I scrapped the crappy reports for now. I may just do a paragraph of commentary and throw some photos up. Maybe that’ll be it for Con-Reports from now on. I know most of you wouldn’t want me to waste time on them anyway but I said I would do them and in my mind I was half done with them anywho. The one thing I do have to take care of is the 2006 Comic-Con SBG contest! See the other news story that follows for the announced winners!

The Bottom Line in General:

In 2007 I’ll be hitting my decade milestone! This makes many things clear to me. I’m a very lucky man to have such a wonderful job and to have gotten to do it for this long! Plus I seriously have the best fan base of any web strip ever, you guys are amazing! Thirdly: A decade is a long time to keep plotlines dangling! Time to wrap ‘em up! And Fourthly, so as not to rush or hack the wrap up, I will be taking as many breaks from the strip as I need to keep the quality of the story just where I want it. Hey, maybe I won’t even need to take that many! Just knowing I can take them may be enough to take the pressure off and get Gwynn’s three evil monkeys off my back!;)

If I can manage that while getting books published and finding ways to keep the Defenders honored and happy, all will be right in the universe! Here’s to a universally all-right 2007! I’m going to start by taking a nap! Don’t worry; it’ll be a short one!

Pete Sluggy Freelance Comic-Con 2006 Sluggy Belly Girl Winners Announced!...
By Pete on January 8th, 2007

Sluggy Freelance Comic-Con 2006 Sluggy Belly Girl Winners Announced!...
….Like Seven months after the con!
Sorry-sorry-sorry guys! I’m just tired! But now’s not the time to focus on my tiredness but rather to focus on our two winners! Without further ado our randomly chosen first place winner is Thalia L! And congratulations to our randomly chosen runner up, Jennifer H.!
Jennifer’s won the plush Bun-bun and Kiki pack which will be on it’s way as soon as we get a mailing address from her (email me via the email form Jennifer! Tom lost your email adress! Durn stick-figure servants!).
Thalia wins a signed Megatome01, AND a cameo in the comic! As a reminder of the cameo specifics, I’ll quote from the old news story because I’m too lazy to rephrase it:
“The runner up gets a plush Kiki and Bunbun combo pack mailed to them. First prize is a signed Megatome and (this has never been offered before as far as I can remember) a cameo in the strip! NOTE: I'm not the best at capturing likenesses, I'm usually hit or miss, so you may look unflattering and or not like you, and it's tradition to have something bad happen to cameo people. And it's transferable (like if you'd rather have your little brother or your grandmother get devoured* in the strip, that's A-OK with me. You’d have to provide me headshots to work with of course)!
*Possibly devoured. Devouring is not guaranteed. But probably something similarly bad!”

Thanks to everyone for participating! You’re all winners in my book! For, um, selflessly promoting my website. :)

All the SBG’s coming up in the Comic-Con report which will show up “Some Day” (crosses fingers)