1875 Letcher County Deaths
this record is very faded

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001
for Elva & Vickies Letcher County Research Site

Name, age, condition Death Date Cause of Death Location Born Parents 
Hale, Hanah
Sept dypthera Letcher Noah & Rebecca Hale
Amburgy, William
Sept dypthera Letcher John & Jane Amburgy
Hale, Thomas
blank dypthera Letcher Noah & Rebeca Hale
Amburgy, Dinah
Sept dypthera Letcher John & Jane Amburgy
Bentley, [faded]
2, male
Aug 17 dypthera Letcher Aaron R & Dorcus Bently
Kizer, Mary E
Aug 12 dypthera Letcher Elihu & Clerrindy Kizer
Kizer, William
Aug 17 dypthera Letcher Elihu & Clerrinsy Kizer
Kizer, Clerry B
2, female
Aug 18 dypthera Letcher Elihu & Clerrinsy Kizer
Amburgy, William M
Sept 24 dypthera Letcher Francis & Mary Amburgy
Amburgy, Sariah 
Oct 1 dypthera Letcher Francis & Mary Amburgy
Weaver, Silleyann
Sept 6 dypthera Letcher Francis Weaver
Pigman, Rhoda
Sept 8 dypthera Letcher Campbell & Emily Pigman
Hughes, Matilda 
Mar 12 dropsey Perry Co Ky Henry & Mary Hughes
Amburgy, Robert
Dec 15 not known Carter Co Ky Alexander & Mary Amburgy
Slown, Mathew
Sept 9 diptheria Letcher Levi & Hanah Slone
Bently, Anna
Aug 18 diptheria Letcher Aaron & Dorcus Bently
Huff, James
Dec 4 diptheria Letcher Loranza & Amanda Huff
Huff, John W
Dec 22 diptheria Letcher Loranza & Amanda Huff
Huff, Hannah
Dec 25 diptheria Letcher Loranza & Amanda Huff
Huff, Rebecca an
Dec 25 diptheria Letcher Loranza & Amanda Huff
Hall, Se?ina
6, female
July 31 diptheria Letcher Jonathan J & Mary Hall
Hall, Julian
3, female
Aug 1 diptheria Letcher Jonathan J & Mary Hall
Hall, Sai??
2, male
Aug 6 diptheria Letcher Jonathan J & Mary Hall
Amburgy, William D
Dec 10 diptheria Letcher Jesse & Rachel Amburgy
Combs, Annetty
Nov 3 diptheria Letcher John & Elizabeth Combs
Smith, William
Feb 7 not known Letcher John A & Bettyjane Smith
Hale, Perlina
Apr 5 not known Letcher John & Alsy Hale
Mullins, Elizabeth
Nov diptheria Letcher Valentine & Matilda Mullins
Stamper, [faded]
8, male
June 16 epeletitic
Letcher William R & Lousza Stamper
Smith, Albert B
Feb 18 diptheria Letcher John B & Susan Smith
Madden, Ruth
42, married
Oct 16 fevior Perry Co KY Solomon & Mary Bently
Greer, Margaret J
Aug 8 drowned Letcher  Joseph R & Dusty Grear
Maggard, Rachel C
Aug 15 diptheria Letcher William & Mandy Maggard
Pigman, James M
Sept 4 diptheria Letcher Campbell & Emily Pigman
Stamper, Isaac D
59, married, occupation as tanner
Sept 26 consumption NC William & Milly Stamper
Mullins, Matilda
Dec diptheria Letcher John N & Elizabeth Mullins
Mullins, William R
Dec diptheria Letcher John N & Elizabeth Mullins
Mullins, Lucinda 
Sept  diptheria Letcher William & Sarah Mullins
Mullins, Pollyan
30 or 36, single
Aug 7 not known Letcher John & Malinda Mullins
not named 
male, 1dy
Apr 17 not known Letcher Brunha & Elizabeth Durchery
not named
male, 2dy
Apr 18 not known Letcher Brunha & Elizabeth Durchery
Anderson, [faded, could be Isaac]
May 3 wounded by log Letcher James & Jane Anderson
Amburgy, [faded, looks like Francis M]
5, male
Sept 30 diptheria Letcher William & Elizabeth Amburgy
Blair, Jesse
July 1 dropsey Letcher Hiram & Rainrita Blair
Madden, Rutha
blank blank blank blank
Collins, Lucinda
Sept 4 diptheria Letcher Robert & Sidy Collins
Franklin, John
8 [listed as female]
Sept 21 diptheria Letcher Kelley & Elizabeth Franklin
Amburgy, Newton
Oct 5 diptheria Letcher Ambra & Nancy Amburgy
Pratt, ?a???
1, male
Nov 13 diptheria Letcher William & Mary Pratt
Roark, Mary C
Aug 24 diptheria Letcher Manervy Roark
Pratt, Henritta
Sept 15 diptheria Letcher Stephen & Melviny Pratt
Amburgy, ??rranna
3, female
Oct diptheria Letcher John & Sariah Amburgy
Sparkman, Sariah
Dec diptheria Letcher John & Mahala Sparkman
Gearhart, Hiram
June 19 diptheria Letcher Morgan & Rosa? Gearhart
Amburgy, Marthaan
Sept 16 diptheria Letcher William & Susan Amburgy
Hall, Martha
Aug 19 diptheria Letcher Anthony & Dicy Hall
not named male
1, infant
June not known Letcher Leander & Drucilla Thomas
Childers, M??ica
3, female
Aug 10 fevior Letcher ??a?sly & Elizabeth Childers
Woric, James
Oct 16 not known Letcher William & Mahala Woric
Hall, [faded, looks like Monroe]
Sept  diptheria Letcher Alvin & Elizabeth Hall
Breeding, James
July 29 diptheria Letcher Elijah & M Breeding
Taylor, Mary E
Oct diptheria Letcher Calvin & Christina Taylor
Collins, Robert
76, married
Mar 25 not known Ash Co NC Thomas & Nancy Collins
Craft, Susan C
16, single
July 5 not known Letcher  William B & Emily Craft
Slone, Elishu
3, male
Sept 30 diptheria Floyd Co Isom & Nancy J Slone
Sexton, Jesse
1, infant
Sept diptheria Letcher  (?na) or (?ma)  Sexton
Craft, Nancy C
3, infant
Dec 15 diptheria Letcher Enoch & Pollyan Craft
Bates, Mansford
3dy, infant, male
Nov 3 not known Letcher Jesse & Sh?? Bates
Hampton, Mary E
3, infant
Sept 23 diptheria Letcher Nelson & Sariah Hampton
Hogg, Hiram
Aug 17 diptheria Letcher Wesley W & Emily Hogg
Moris, Joseph
2, infant
Aug 26 diptheria Floyd Co Lusinda Moris
Mead, Sariah
1, infant
Oct 31 diptheria Letcher Thomas & Nancy Mead
Quillen, Henry
2, infant
Sept 23 diptheria Letcher James & Malissa Quillen
Quillen, Samuel
2, infant
Sept 7 diptheria Floyd Co Andrew & Luviny Quillen
Collins, Nancy
2, infant
Sept 22 diptheria Letcher Randolph & Louiza Collins
Webb, Martha
Dec 10 not known Letcher  Henry M & Francis Webb
Fields, Abner
Sept 30 not known Letcher Obediah & Mary Fields
Sumpter, Sariah
79, single
Aug 22 "only age" blank blank
Williams, Edward
2, infant
Oct 30 dropsey Letcher James & Minervy Williams
Brown, Enoch D
6mn, infant
Sept 18 diptheria Letcher Hiram C & Sariah Brown
Pritchard, Ida M
4wk, infant
Aug 31 not known Letcher Henry J & Malinda Pritchard
Day, ? E
2, infant, male
Nov 19 diptheria Letcher Preston & Nancy Day
Mullins, Mary J
1mn, infant
Feb 13 not known Letcher Joshua & Gemima Mullins
Morgan, Polly
blank accidental with draw bore Letcher John & Manerva Morgan
unnamed male
11dy, infant
July 11 premature birth Letcher John & Selah Mullins
Caudill, Samuel
Oct 10 diptheria Letcher Jesse & Mary Caudill
Hogg, Susanah
2, infant
Dec 10 diptheria Letcher Ira & Sariah Hogg
Brown, John P H Sept 10 diptheria Letcher Stephen J & Elizabeth Brown
Cornett, Rachel
2, infant
Nov 17 dipthreia Letcher Samuel & Lourainy Cornett
Adams, Stephen
1, infant
Aug 10 diptheria Letcher Benjamin & Lucindy Adams
Bates, Jesse
7dy, infant
Dec 21 not known Letcher Theopolous & Mary J Bates
Collins, Birdine
1dy, infant, male
Oct 17 not known Letcher Dallas & Sariah Collins

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001

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