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White House Sat Imagery Censorship Revealed

Posted by robinb | Google Earth | Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

Interesting article over on Ogle Earth that caught my attention. Google Earth recently had a database update with new images, and Washington DC got a new makeover. With this the beige blocks covering the White House and surrounding rooftops were removed. Aha, but Google Maps hasn’t been updated yet, so lets compare the images.

Wow, look at that, not only had the US Government been hiding the rooftops, but they also decided that the nation should be unaware that the president has both an outdoor pool (built 1975) and rose garden. It appears someone got a little trigger happy with the clone tool in photoshop to me. Now here’s my question… blocking things out with beige rectangles/pixelation is censorship (which may be acceptable based on security risks), but photoshopping something out so it doesn’t exist at all is surely deceit? Why would a beige block not do over the pool?
Google Maps:
White House Google Maps

Google Earth:
White House Google Earth


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