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There are over ten million copies of Sherri's books available and she in an international bestselling author. Her books are currently available in 26 countries.

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"Those who can't get enough of bad boy heroes and Buffy The Vampire Slayer reruns will relish this roguish tale. Kenyon's Dark-Hunter books are changing the face of the vampire novel, making it hip, darker and all the more appealing to the next generation of readers."
            Publishers Weekly
     ©Nov 17, 2003

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Factoid: Sherri was first published in third grade when she wrote an essay about her single mother for Mother's Day and won a contest. Since then she has been published in hundreds of magazines, journals and trade publications.

Kinley MacGregor was born when Sherrilyn went from writing science fiction and fantasy to writing historicals. She is a New York Times bestselling author under both names.


In memory of my mother
and all the love and 
encouragement she gave me.
I miss you, Mom



Thanks so much for stopping by. I wanted to make sure and place a very special "thank you" here to all my fans and readers who have given me so much support. Words truly can't express just how much your kindness means to me.

I don't know if people realize it or not, but creating a world is a partnership. I put my heart and soul into every book I work on and whenever a reader picks it up, they bring their heart, open mind and imagination with them. Without you, the worlds I play in would only exist in my mind. It is with an extremely humble honor that I share these dreams, characters and worlds with you. To me, my worlds are real. My people are real and it's a struggle every day to do them the justice they deserve. I don't know if I always succeed, but I always try my best.

But without you, the reader, I couldn't do what I do. And for that, I am eternally grateful to all of you. There's not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for putting us together and for letting me share my people with you. Thank you for taking these trips with me into realms far beyond the norm.

If you'd like to converse with me and other fans, please stop by the Dark-Hunter bbs where I try and make a daily run--barring deadlines, battling children, and pets needing attention :) I also have an official MySpace page, so please feel free to visit and be added as a friend. If you'd like to email me privately, here's the link. But please note that due to the extraordinary amount of email I get, emails are sent to my staff. I do read everything though that is sent to them as they either forward it or read it to me. I truly wish that I could answer each email personally, but unfortunately that would leave me with no time to actually write the books. I hope you understand. And please note that I can't look at any story ideas, suggestions or proposals. Those are filtered through my staff as well and they do not pass them along to me. Sorry. Likewise in my fan snail-mail, please do not send manuscripts, story ideas or suggestions. Again, all of that mail is opened by another party and I never see it. I do read and keep all personal notes that are sent to me and I do respond personally to personal letters (please forgive the overuse of personal). All of your mail is very dear to me and I treat it as such.  

Take your time looking around, my sites are massive with hidden treasures scattered throughout. Under my own name, I write paranormals, science fiction, nonfiction and contemporaries. As Kinley MacGregor, I write historicals and Arthurian fantasy.


2007 Releases:
(please note these are tentative and subject to change)

 Title: Release Date: Publisher:
Fear the Darkness (Dark-Hunter) Jan St Martins

The Dream-Hunter (Dark-Hunter) Feb 6 St Martins

Lords of Avalon Comic Book March DB Pro

Repackaged Dark-Hunter books July St Martins

Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter) Aug St Martins

Joe & Tee (BAD) Aug Pocket

Dead After Dark (Deadman's Cross) Oct St. Martins

Dark-Hunter Compendium Oct St Martins

Untitled Historical (Lochlan) Oct Avon

Phantom in the Night (BAD) Nov Pocket

Born of the Night (League Series) Dec St Martins




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