The Gold Train Legend

Nazis steal 29 boxcars of Jewish gold and treasures






The 1945 route


Nazis race to Germany with Jew's gold





Hungarians That Were Robbed





The robbery

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According to Hungarian Jews

In mid 1944, squads of Nazis broke into their houses in Hungary, and took their gold and treasures.

They stole $ 200 mil ( $ 4 Billion 2004 dollars)









1945 Gold Train Legend

On May 9, 1945, a Nazis train left Budapest and barreled across Europe ( 29 boxcars full of gold)  enroute to Germany, but the US army caught them first.

On May 16, 1945, infantry forces of the U.S. army seized a train in Werfen, Austria, sixty miles south of Salzburg. This train was  laden with paintings, and other valuables, mostly taken from Hungarian Jews by Adolf Eichmannís Nazi forces, and Hungarian collaborators.

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The Legend's Treasure

The boxcars that carried 1100 paintings, art and tons of gold.

The treasure was so vast it is hard to calculate. Jews said, Nazis stormed their houses and beat us senseless. "They pulled our gold teeth out with pliers, and stole our Jewelry, paintings, gold , statues etc".

Gold teeth - sculptures - priceless paintings - gold bars








Where Did The Treasure Go?

The Americans seized the train in Austria, and General Collins, Laude, Hume, Howard, and Linden, took everything to furnish their residences and offices.  They smuggled the rest out of the country, and back to the US.

Less valuable objects, such as watches, cameras, and modest jewelry, were sold through the Army Exchange stores, or stolen from army warehouses. A notable example was the disappearance of a suitcase filled with gold dust.







   Presidential Holocaust Committee Realizes This Isn't Just A Legend

In 1999, Bill Clinton appoints a " Presidential Holocaust Committee " of 12 Jews to investigate. Their report confirms the travesty.

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Holocaust committee

Stuart E. Eizenstat Roman R. Kentel
Ben Gilman    Ira H. Leesfield
Edgar M. Bronfman Miles Lerman
Barbara Boxer Arlen Specter
Dr. Jehuda Reinharz  









 60 Yrs Later a 'Miami Beach Retiree' Sues America

In May 2001, the legal firm of Hagens and Berman file a suit (Rosner vs USA)  against the US government , on behalf of Irving Rosner, in Miami, Florida. In 2003, another 32 Retired Miami Jews joined the lawsuit.

The suit alleges that high-ranking U.S. Army officers furnished their villas and officers' clubs with Gold Train loot as they oversaw the rebuilding of Europe, after the war.

Judge Patricia Seitz ordered a trial on jurisdictional issues, due to begin on Oct 2001 in Miami.

nazi gold train,coast gold train,gold hungarian train,gold train,

Judge Seitz


Good Jews, that want to " Wet their beaks " before they die








Politicians rally -- Books written

Various politicians petition Bush and Ashcroft to settle the case. Kerry made it a campaign issue. Zwieg's book details the atrocity.

nazi gold train,coast gold train,gold hungarian train,gold trai









A Christmas Miracle

The Government Settles

December 21, 2004  The federal government settled a lawsuit with 32 retired Miami Jews, regarding a legend about a trainload of gold, jewelry and other property, supposedly stolen by US Generals.

Judge Seitz was drawn to tears and said ... " G_d has bless these Holocaust survivors with a miracle "




Whoops Another Ridiculous Holocaust Fairy Tale


Detailed Map   Siege of Budapest   Front lines Dec  44


The Gold Train left Budapest in May of 1945

By May of 1945 the Allies controlled all of Europe. The Germans surrendered on May 7th, 1945. Budapest had been under Russian control for five months,

There were no Nazis in Hungary racing towards Germany on a Gold Train. Stories of 29 boxcars loaded with Mona Lisa's, suitcases full of gold dust, boxes of gold teeth, and oriental rugs is total nonsense.

May 1945 Surrender

Hungary was a German ally, and later an occupied country, and the 870,000 Jews were never touched.

Budapest had been occupied by the Russians since Jan 1945, but somehow the Nazis managed to rob the Jews.








United States Holocaust Museum

The USA is paying the USHMM $250,000 to set up an exhibit.








Conclusion: .....On May 7, 2001, Irving Rosner (Miami Beach retiree) filed a lawsuit against America about a totally fictional event. In November 03, 2003 the suit was amended to include another thirty three more Fl retirees. In March of 2005 the US settled for $ 25,000,000.

Listen to this BS

A radio show on this BS





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