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Ethiopia making progress in Somalia fighting
Mon. December 25, 2006 06:22 pm.


(SomaliNet) The Ethiopian backed government troops are on Monday reportedly moving towards Dinsor, a strategic town controlled by Islamic Courts Union in southwest Somalia.

Witnesses say the fighting is now continuing near Dinsor town after the Islamic fighters were pushed back from the Idale front following seven days of heavy gun battle.

The fighting is taking place in Rama-Addey village 45 km to Dinsor between Ethiopian forces along with the interim government troops and the Islamic Courts Union.

Residents in Dinsor fear that the war might spread to their town with reports that people began fleeing as fighting nears.

In Daynunay area on the road between Baidoa city, the seat of the transitional federal government and Bur-Hakaba, a town controlled by ICU, the fighting is still going on with rivals using all sorts of weapons. Government official in Baidoa said that its troops have also made progress in the fighting continuing on Bur-Hakaba road, 180 km southwest of the capital. “We are in few kilometers to capture Bur-Hakaba,” he said.

Other developments say that the Ethiopian troops have taken control of Adado town in central Somalia where the Islamist militia deserted after facing bitter fighting.

It the third town which the Islamic Courts Union lost in the clashes with the Ethiopian forces in Somalia a week ago.

Meanwhile, two senior Islamist officials have returned back to Somalia capital on Monday shortly after the air strike by the Ethiopian fighter jet which dropped two bombs on the main Mogadishu airport killing one female worker at the airport and wounding others.

Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys and Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, the leaders of Shura and executive councils of ICU landed at the airport in time of tension.

Both officials briefed reporters about their trips to abroad.

The Ethiopian war planes also hit Balidogle military airport just 100km southwest of Somalia capital targeting Islamist positions.

Ethiopia said the air bombardment on Mogadishu main port was to prevent the military supply coming to Islamic Courts.

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