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Somalia: Islamists hand over weapons to their clans
Wed. December 27, 2006 03:11 pm.

Mohamed Abdi Farah

(SomaliNet) The Islamic Courts Union fighters in Somalia capital have laid their weapons and handed over to the clans in the capital later on Wednesday in part of efforts by the city clan-elders and intellectuals to avoid more bloodshed – amid there is insecurity in the capital, which is now seeing events of robbing, killing and revenge attacks.

Reports say the major Hawiye clans in the capital began to consult ways to negotiate with the interim government without war and intellectuals met with the Islamic officials over the future of the capital in Somalia.

Each of the main clans in Mogadishu retook its weapons and there has been going on plans to welcome the government in the capital.

As the Ethiopian backed interim government troops move close, the capital Mogadishu began to slide back to disorder and instability after resting eight months unprecedented peace and security brought by the Islamic Courts Union.

Before the sunset, every Somali one among the ordinary people hurried to reach his/her home for security reasons.

The long pressed bandits picked up their guns to do their job. In some locations in the capital armed militiamen were robbing cars and mobiles.

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