Learn the Arabic alphabet with ArAlpha

ArAlpha is a freeware designed for helping English and French people to learn Arabic characters and vocabulary.


First, you choose a transcription's system.

Then you start a lesson.
Every character is displayed, along with its roman transcription.

Initial, middle, and final forms are presented, e.g. here is the middle form of the H.


You can test your knowledge with ten questions.
Every question consists of choosing the correct Roman transcription of the Arabic character randomly selected, by clicking on one of the proposed answers in the lower half of the screen.
Here is another kind of question, where you are asked to find the right Arabic character.

At the end of the test, a screen summarizes your answers.
The size of each bar is proportional to the time it takes you to give the correct solution, so that you can immediately spot what caused you troubles.
Below, are displayed the total time, the number of good answers at your first try, and a global evaluation in red, letting you estimate if you performed poorly (less than 50), well (50 to 75), or very well (above 75).


The software has 11 lessons and 22 tests. It covers the whole Arabic alphabet and 500 words.


Computer requirements


ArAlpha is free. You can download it by clicking on the green link below.

   Download the latest version of ArAlpha in a zip file (~ 280 KB).

   Download the latest version of ArAlpha in an exe auto-install file (~ 350 KB).


* If you chose the zipped package:

    Create a directory where you want to put ArAlpha, and use Winzip, or another unzip tool to extract the files of the package.

    The files composing ArAlpha are:

       ARALPHA.EXE     Main windows program

       ARALPHA.F00     Font file (special format)

       ARALPH00.DAT    A customizable transliteration table of the alphabet
       ARALPH11.DAT    Files containing list of words

       ARALPH01.PCX ARALPH02.PCX, ..., ARALPH16.PCX Sixteen little pictures
* If you chose the auto-install file:

    Launch aralp11.exe, and the installation will proceed. An entry will be added in the start menu.


* If you chose the zipped package:

  1. Delete the files listed above.
  2. Delete also the file ARALPHA.INI in the Windows directory. This file is automatically created by the software when it is run for the first time. It contains the size of the windows, the colors, the language English or French, etc. N.B. It is not a big deal if you forget to delete that file, because it is very small, and it contains only some data, no program.
  3. That's all. Aralpha does not touch the registry, does not create hidden files, viruses, adware, or any other unpleasant things.
* If you chose the auto-install file:

  1. Go to Windows Panel, and select the "add/remove software" module.
  2. Select Aralpha in the list.

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