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Last updated: 8th September 2005
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Posted on 8th September 2005.
Myau of Algol ...Updated a couple of pages for your perusal. :|

- Updated the miscellaneous games page (Just updated the info about the iMode PSI, since it now looks about a hundred times better from the last time I saw it.)

- Added PSF rip for Phantasy Star Generation:2
- Updated miscellaneous album page with one new entry (Sega Mega Drive Super Medley.) I am not adding the relevant MP3s, they are massive for what is essentially a couple of ten second segments.

- Added a new cameo (Super Daisenryaku.)
- Updated info on Tokuhiko Uwabo (Bo.)
- Updated info on Izuho Takeuchi (Ippo.)
omg update
Posted on 1st March 2005.
Myau of Algol Was going to leave this until a bit later (for TA-DA effect), but having realised that I most probably have to take a MCSA exam next week, I'm posting them now. A bit rough around the edges for now, but it's something.

Updated pages:

- PS1 bestiary (Finished adding Japanese names and translating them)
- PS1 experience charts (All character data completed and added visual growth charts)
- PS1 hints (Added a few more)
- PS1 walkthrough (It's up to just before meeting Dr. Luveno now)
- Corrected who-can-equip-what for PS1. Some surprising additions.
- PS2 hints (Shir stealing probability guide, and some weird but helpful bugs)
- PS3 techs (Effects of tech distribution)
- PS4 bestiary (Added/translated Japanese names for bosses)
- Set up PSG:2 page (Added movie, screenshots, models and updated ending pics)
- Misc. releases (Added the new Japanese PC port of EoTM)

- Miscellaneous downloads (Had to put the awesome Blue Burst trailer up)

- Opened up a fan art section

- Added more items to the goods encyclopaedia
- PSII translation differences (Added techniques)

- Added PSO Blue Burst album page
- Updated miscellaneous album page with two new entries
- Added accompanying mp3s to miscellaneous mp3 page

- Put up a second banner/button set, of Rika
- Temporarily rid of the links page, hated it
Belated message number 82645.
Posted on 28th February 2005.
Myau of Algol ROFL.

I don't anything to say regarding my absence I'll just say that I am working on his here site again, and to expect new crippity crap sooner rather than later. And as of about a month ago I have a PSX2 (the new flimsy model, ick), and I am in two minds about getting Phantasy Star Generation: 2 which is coming out at the end of March for the purpose of gawking in discontentment at Updated Rolf's fat head, and ripping lots of stuff for you to look at.

And also, since you're looking at a page about a sci-fi RPG, I feel I can recommend a wonderful little prog metal side-project -- Star One, the album of which is aptly titled 'Space Metal'. Basically, if you like sci-fi movies and heavy metal with healthy doses of synth, check it out now.

Also interested in updating the links page, so feel to send in your suggestions! Still open for any interest of affiliation as well, which basically entails increased traffic for your site and mine (For information's sake, this one gets about 11,000 unique visitors a month.)

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