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Last Updated: Jan 7th, 2007 - 03:55:14

Somalia: Commander says military operations over

KISMAYO, Somalia Jan 7 (Garowe Online) - A top military commander for the interim Somali government announced on Sunday that �major military operations� were over against the Islamic Courts militia fighters.


Col. Abdirisak Afgadud, a division commander, said military operations against fleeing Islamist fighters have come to an end after days of skirmishes near the border areas.


Col. Afgadud also said Islamist fighters who fled to the island of Ras Kamboni, their last stronghold, were removed and government forces had taken control.


There were no independent reports to verify the commander�s claims.


But his comments come at a time a leading Islamist financer, Abukar Adani, was detained by Kenyan authorities and other unconfirmed reports suggesting top Islamist leaders might�ve surrendered near the Ethio-Somali border.


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