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Joshua L. Chamberlain

Welcome to the Pejepscto Historical Society Joshua Chamberlain Information Area. The Society rescued the Chamberlain House from demolition in 1982, and that year began restoration on what would become the Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum. Links from this page will bring you up to date on this project, and lead you to the Pejepscot Historical Society's extensive Joshua L. Chamberlain resources. Although the Chamberlain Museum is only open seasonally, these resources are available throughout the year, on the Web, or at the Pejepscot Historical Society's headquarters.

Features at the on-line Chamberlain Area include:

  • Look for information on Chamberlain Days 2007 soon!

  • A brief biography of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

  • The restoration of the Joshua L. Chamberlain House.

  • A giving opportunity for the Joshua L. Chamberlain House.

  • A brief listing of Joshua Chamberlain research files.

  • An inventory of Joshua Chamberlain correspondence at the Pejepscot Historical Society and other locations. --This large page has been broken up into three chronological sections.

  • A catalog of Chamberlain gift items available for sale.

  • Other Civil War & Chamberlain resources.

  • An interview with Mrs. Catherine Smith, Chamberlain's Personal Secretary.

  • A map of Chamberlain's Brunswick.

    Photo's of Chamberlain's bracelet and Congressional Medal of Honor.

159 Park Row
Brunswick, ME 04011
Phone: 207-729-6606
Fax: 207-729-6012

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