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Check out past Issues of C4C Monthly:

Past Issues of C4C Monthly newsletter

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Here is a taste of our vision for tomorrow:



Our Community Vision For Each Family


Our community vision is multi-faceted. We want to address every area of human action and interaction to meet the needs of the whole person, we want to bring unity to all believers in Christ, and we want to address these priorities at every level from the home to the nations and communities of the whole planet.


We have specific visions for individuals, community groups, states, nations, and the world at large in order to implement a basic vision and desire for Christian Community which enables us to effectively, and directly, reach the lost with a message of repentance, forgiveness, renewal, and total conversion to Jesus Christ.


The root of this vision is the family, whether a single person or married couple and their children, whether grandparents or widows. If the vision we have for families is achieved anywhere in any number (2% to 10% of the total population) the results will be inevitable and do not even have to be planned: there will be a huge transformation of the political, economic, cultural, social, and spiritual life of that community simply by virtue of those families who achieve true Christian Community and all the fruits of such community.


This is a big vision, but it is not irreducibly complex. In other words we do not have to start with everything all at once in order to start the process of building Christian Community. The general principle here is �line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little (Isaiah 28:9-10 9Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. 10For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little).


The idea is to build the next level upon the foundation of the previous level of achievement always keeping the overall goal in mind but also staying focused on the specific task at hand.


The very leadership structure is designed to provide specialized leaders for key areas of work while providing visionary leadership to ensure that the overall goals and principles are being followed and making the whole accountable to the participants in the community.


Our overall goal for each family is as follows:


  1. to earn an average household income of $45,000 per year
  2. to be free from debt
  3. to own a home which is capable itself of meeting 30% of food needs and 30% of energy needs
  4. to need only 40 hours total per week per household of work in order to earn $45,000 per year
  5. to have access to affordable healthcare
  6. to have access to affordable education from Kindergarten through obtaining a Masters� Degree
  7. to have assurance/insurance for final expenses, loss of income, disability, major medical, and major financial setbacks that is affordable
  8. to reduce cash expenses to less than 60% of take home pay
  9. to be able to invest 5% of take home pay into local, member owned businesses
  10. to be able to invest 5% of take home pay into low risk investment for retirement
  11. to be able to raise, through achieving the above goals, $350 for the community
  12. to have access to recreation and entertainment that is readily accessible and edifying
  13. to have a strong personal and collective voice in matters of public policy
  14. to be able to give 10% of take home pay to your local church
  15. to be able to save 10% of take home pay for emergencies or big ticket purchases so as to avoid debt
  16. to be able to give 4 hours per week per family for your local Community
  17. to be able to give 4-8 hours per week per family for your local church
  18. to have a strong knowledge of scripture, of Christian doctrine, and of how to use scripture to answer any question utilizing a Strong�s Concordance, a bible dictionary, a Nave�s Topical Bible, and a Bible.


These are rather concrete goals but one cannot simply say �we want to empower believers to be more effective witnesses� without being specific because one cannot measure success or failure without such specific goals in mind.


Within the United States our long-term goal is to create communities in every major community or geographic area with 20,000 households on average and to eventually recruit 10% of the those households into one of these communities as full-fledged participants. Our global goal for each nation is similar to this goal and we refuse to voluntarily surrender any nation to the enemy: we will strive to establish Christian Communities in every community in every nation on this planet!


These goals will be met, in general, as follows:


  1. A local or neighborhood group called a Fellowship Group will meet weekly and most, if not all, of the services and programs will be delivered through this group. The general principle will be for each of the 20 odd families to commit to one another as if they were members of one another�s immediate family.
  2. A Community Round Table will meet periodically to make group decisions or to implement larger scale activities and to distribute items from the buying club at a distribution point (100 families will be part of this)
  3. A Community Center will serve 5 Round Tables and will provide the basic infrastructure for the services as well as community facilities from an education center and meeting hall to a Chapel and a recreation center as well as an �agora� for member owned shops and businesses.
  4. Regional offices and a National Office will provide higher level coordination, maintain the vision of the groups, and work to promote the vision of Christian Community on a larger scale
  5. Special projects, such as the Alternative Homeland Project to help Christian refugees and support local missionaries abroad and the Newspaper franchise to enable Round Tables to publish their own weekly newspaper will enhance the vision, promote Christian Community, and add more special services for members.
  6. Intentional communities, cohousing developments, or housing developments may be created by members to reduce the cost of building a new home through group buying of contractors, land, and supplies.


Through the programs and services provided we want to enable each family, on average, to �raise� around $350 per month for the community. When I say we want to �raise� the money the idea is to redirect a part of one�s economy into the community until around $350 per month is going directly into the community itself without being a financial burden to the individual.


The programs that will help individuals raise such money include a buying club to reduce spending, financial counseling to manage finances more efficiently, a trade network that enables people to trade without cash, free or low cost services that reduce costs, an investment fund that will increase income, training and educational assistance to enable members to increase their marketability and therefore their income, a healthcare cooperative to reduce the costs for medical care or medical insurance, and many other programs or services.


Each member will be assisted in developing a plan that enables them to both raise this kind of money for the community by using these programs and services and enables them to actually end up with more money in their pocket, even after raising that kind of money, than they have now. The approach we will take will involve:


  1. financial management counseling to get more out of the money you earn now
  2. buying clubs to dramatically reduce the amount of money you need to spend
  3. a trade network to enable you to reduce cash costs while increasing your net earning
  4. training and educational assistance for getting certifications, taking college courses via exams only, or learning marketable skills
  5. cooperative approaches for things such as healthcare, insurance/assurance, daycare, and house buying that dramatically save you money (for instance, a cooperative housing development can save you over $30,000 in costs to purchase a new home)
  6. an investment club that either invests in or provides loans to member owned business increases income
  7. access to investment capital for expanding a business or starting one


The process of developing these services is not going to be an overnight event, it will take the work and commit of member of the community, working within a framework and an infrastructure which is more or less common to all such communities to make this happen.


The greatest obstacle to the successful implementation of this vision is the reality that very few people, on average, are going to be willing to make the initial sacrifices and take the initial risks that must be taken in order to first build a basic infrastructure that will allow these programs to be implemented. Once the programs are up and running and working convincing people to participate will be relatively easy: you get to impact the world while empowering yourself and you don�t even have to spend any money out of your pocket because all the money you contribute will be raised by the programs themselves.


I don�t have any magic formulas for how to attract that initial core of community builders other than the old fashioned, honest truth presented to as many people as possible who might be interested in taking such a chance. It will take a courageous, spiritually mature, and hard working person to fill those shoes! It will take someone who is willing to work hard, give much, take risks, learn from mistakes and failures, work with others, and believe for big things, even for impossible things. In short it will take an army of Davids and Davidas!


Looking at the goals per family imagine if you will what kind of nation we would have if 13 million US Households were able to achieve these goals. If we stay true to holiness, if we have faith in Christ for the big things and the little things, and if we walk in the love of true, in depth Christian fellowship what power on earth could get between us and the achievement of these goals? If you see a Goliath I say �we have a stone�, and if you see the walled cities and giants in the land I say �we have the ark of the covenant�.


Commitment is an ugly word today, and that is the weakness of this endeavor. It will be easier for people to commit to this when they can see right in front of them that it works but it will not be so easy when we have nothing but our good will and the hope that this vision is obtainable if we work hard enough to make it happen. I have often said that once we start to try and make this vision happen it will be harder to find 12 families who will really put their backs into this work then it will be to find the next 12,000 who will come and enjoy the fruits of the work of the first 12.


I am not promising you anything but hard work and the hope that this vision is obtainable if we work very hard to make it happen. For most people the question is �what�s in it for me?� The pioneers of this work are somehow going to have be the kind of people who usually ask �what�s in it for Jesus?� rather than �what�s in it for me?� If you are afraid, if you don�t like taking risks, if you don�t like trying new things or thinking outside of your zone of familiarity then this is not for you.. yet. Once the pioneers have built the basic community you will find that there is no risk and nothing to lose and yet everything to gain.


For the pioneers this is an opportunity to build a new work for God that will advance the Kingdom, change lives, and transform nation by enabling families to achieve very specific goals through work, cooperation, faith, and commitment to one another in Christian love.



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Christian Bible Study    Bible study lesson    Bible study guide    Bible study tool    Bible study topic

Past Issues of C4C Monthly newsletter

Other Writings by C4C




William R. Collier, Jr., with wife Dora, son Arthur (on right),

 and son William III (lower center)

Ordained Regent

What's an Ordained Regent? 


In the spirit of self-sufficiency (through God), which is a major part of William R. Collier, Jr.'s philosophy, he has run a number of self-owned businesses, including a ceramic shop, ran local newspapers, earned an insurance license, and currently has a marketing/consulting business, Kross Publishing.


His experience in missions work and evangelizing started in 1987 when he designed and ran a discipleship program while working in U.S. Navy Intelligence (1987-1991).


He has also been a drama team director for his local church, helped plant a church, served on the Mission Board of his church and also serves as an advisor to the local women's AGLOW program (also through his church). 


He has conducted numerous Christian seminars through the years.


His goals, while running his evangelical outreach programs, have been to see new converts get baptized and out street preaching within 90 days. 


His programs have consistently achieved a 70% retention rate amongst new converts.


At present, he is at work designing a new outreach program for the inner city part of Harrisburg, Pa.


He currently lives and writes in Marysville, Pa, along with his wife, Dora, and his two children, Arthur and Billy.

































































































































































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