For those of you keeping track at home, the scorecard reads FWA 4 IPW 0. It's becoming a rout.
The FWA fired the first shot in our Civil War with those Orpington upstarts when Alex Shane took out Dan Edler at Hotwired on October 15. Secondly, we invaded IPW territory one week later when 'The Showstealer' battered Martin Stone to within an inch of his miserable life. And thirdly, on November 19 Shane held John Atkins hostage, forced Dan Edler to kiss his feet, and watched as a Jonny Storm-inspired Team FWA crushed Team IPW in a six-man war.
But perhaps the most satisfying victory in the Civil War came this past Sunday (December 10) on the neutral ground of FWA official Dann Read's X-Sports Wrestling event in Colchester, when once again the British Flyweight Title returned to the hands of an FWA loyalist - 'The Gift' Ross Jordan.
We told 'The Man Gravity Forgot' Pac that despite his IPW preferences, he could remain British Flyweight Champion as long as he defended the belt whenever and wherever the FWA stipulated. And admittedly, we were impressed when Pac came through his mandatory defence against 'The Wonderkid' Jonny Storm at the IPW:UK afternoon show on Sunday. We were doubly impressed with Pac's performance later on in the gruelling XSW Five Minute Warning match. But sadly for the FORMER champ, he thought those two strength-sapping outings were the end of his day's work. How wrong he was.
He reckoned without the shock arrival in Colchester of Ross Jordan, who Pac defeated to win the title at Crunch 2006. 'The Gift' confronted a battered and bruised Pac after the Five Minute Warning match to pass on a message from FWA boss Greg Lambert - that Pac had to defend the British Flyweight Title one more time, right there and then, against Ross Jordan himself. And Jordan wasted no time in making 'The Man Gravity Forgot' an ex-champion.  Congratulations to Ross, and Hooray for Bollywood!
IPW:UK and Pac may well moan that this wasn't fair. But remember boys, all's fair in love and Civil War.

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Saturday, 3 February 2006

The Dome, Morecambe

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01524 582803


The Line-Up

Main Event 1:

15 Man GoldRush Rumble

Main Event 2:

British H/W Title:Robbie Brookside (c) v Darren Burridge

'I Quit' Grudge Match: Stevie Knight v Johnny Angel

Johnny Phere v El Ligero

Tag Team Open Challenge: Manchester Massive issue an open challenge



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