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The Mosquito-Incense The Bicycle Problem Jikochu
The Strange Signboards Women Only
The Utsukushima Expo.
The Automatic Video Store The Standing Eggs Shinjyuku
A Murderous Crowd 100 yen Shops The Dangerous Phrases
DoCoMo's 3G service The Oyaji's Pleasures Tissues For Free
The Sleepy Japanese The Collapse of the Class Banana
Really Polite? Coffee Shops-2 The Hamburger War
Humidity Coffee Shops The Beef Bowl War
Sniff or Blow? The New SOARER The Bath

Sep. 30.'01 "Jikochu" completed.
Aug. 12.'01 "The Bicycle Problem" completed.
Jul. 21.'01 "The Mosquito-Incense" completed.
Jul. 15.'01 "The Utsukushima Expo." completed.
Jul. 7.'01 "Women Only" completed.
Jun. 24.'01 "The Strange Signboards" completed.
Jun. 16.'01 "Shinjyuku" completed.
Jun. 10.'01 "The Standing Eggs" completed.
Jun. 2.'01 "The Automatic Video Store" completed.
May 26.'01 "The Dangerous Phrases" completed.
Other sections updated.
May 20.'01 "100 yen Shops" completed
May 13.'01 "Coffee Shops-2" completed
May 12.'01 "New SOARER","Oyaji's Enjoyment" renewed.
"Coffee Shops-2" will be reported very soon !
May 5.'01 "The Oyaji's Pleasures","Tissues For Free" completed
May 2.'01 "DoCoMo's 3G service" completed
Apr.30.'01 "Banana" completed
Apr.27.'01 "The Collapse of the Class" completed
Apr.25.'01 "The Hamburger War","The Sleepy Japanese" completed
Apr.22.'01 "Really Polite?","A Marderous Crowd" completed
Apr.21.'01 "Coffee Shops","The New SOARER", completed.
Apr.18.'01 "Humidity","The Bath", completed.
Apr.14.'01 "Sniff or Blow?","The Beef Bowl War", completed.



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