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General Clark will be on Air America twice on Thursday, January 11

The first show is the Rachel Maddow Show @ 6:30PM ET/ 5:30PM CT

The second show is "Politically Direct" with Mark Green guest hosting @ 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CST.

You can listen live at

Tell President Bush: Stop the Surge and change the strategy!

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Tell President Bush: Stop the Surge and change the strategy!

We must stop George Bush's Iraq surge. Without changing the strategy, this is simply a continuation of "stay the course."

We cannot support the increase in troops unless George Bush disavows the NeoCon strategy and presents a new strategy. George Bush has been using the troops for the past four years trying to divide the country between those who support the war and those who do not.

President Bush is trying to divide us again with his expected call this week for a "surge" of up to 20,000 additional U.S. troops into Iraq. Will this deliver a "win?" Probably not. But this military stop-gap will certainly distract us from facing the deep-seated regional issues that must be resolved politically and diplomatically.

What President Bush's Iraq surge would do is put more American troops in harm's way, further undercut the morale of U.S. forces, and risk further alienating elements of the Iraqi populace -- all while reducing the urgency of reaching the ultimate political solution we need.

Don't let George Bush divide us. Please join me in urging President Bush to stop the "surge," and instead change the strategy -- forward an email to the White House now!

Below are excerpts from the op-ed I wrote that was published in the Washington Post today, January 8, 2007, summarizing my thoughts about Bush's Iraq "surge" plan:

Wesley K. Clark: Op-ed Washington Post

Washington Post

The Smart Surge: Diplomacy

By Wesley K. Clark
Monday, January 8, 2007; A15

The odds are that this week President Bush will announce a "surge" of up to 20,000 additional U.S. troops into Iraq. Will this deliver a "win"? Probably not. But it will distract us from facing the deep-seated regional issues that must be resolved.

The administration v...

Huffington Post "D.C. Notes: Wes Clark is Steamed..."

In case you're wondering, General Clark is talking about this article Analysis: Never again?

D.C. Notes: Wes Clark is Steamed, Jane Harman Isn't, and Terry McAuliffe is High on Hillary (Big Shock There, Huh?)

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