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Leechers, rejoice!

Being as we're bored, lazy, and have an overabundance of bandwidth and disk space (okay, so maybe we're just bored and lazy), we've started maintaining some mirrors.

Right now we're only offering the Bell System Memorial, but in the coming days we'll be adding BlakeOPS' Bell Ad Gallery and the complete volume of HOPE Number Six Talks. If you have any suggestions, let us know.

The PLA-MN phreaking van - click for story

State Fair Phreak Out 2006

This year sucked worse than last year. Way worse. Three-fourths of the payfones were gone, and at least half of the remainder were disabled in one way or another. Sign of the times, people.

We did have our interactive payfone logger up and running in time for the fair, but alas, there were next to no fones to call it from. See the thread on Binrev.

Results will be posted when we feel like it.

OMG SIGN HAX@11oneone11!!!!!!

Recently, we had the chance to put some stuff on a big LED sign here in teh 320. So we whipped up some nice little bitmaps, and invited the folks at Binrev and Cal's to do the same. End result: lots of great pictures, and a lot of confused motorists :-)

Click here to see all the pictures we took. Click here for the thread on Binrev.

We even made the front page of phonelosers.org. Pheer the l33tness!!!

Last N2 in the Lower 48 to be cut over

One of the last N2 switches around, Northern Telephone's 218-488 switch up in Wawena, is set to be cut over to a new digital system sometime during the week of June 12. You can call in and listen to messages left by phreaks around the world - including some leet old-schoolers - at 218-488-1307, leave your own message and pay your respects at 218-488-1306, and hear the time/temp recording at 218-488-8463. Props to Natas - whose name I couldn't remember when calling 1306 - and Lucky225 at NSAT&T Radio for tipping us off.

NWBell gets a New VMB

If you want to call nwbell, note that his new VMB is at 206-350-CACTI (that's 206-350-2228). The old 320-225 box will still work, but may not be checked in a timely fashion anymore.

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