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Get Born

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The most imitated band in the history of rock has been oddly neglected by the international garage-rock revival. So the stage is set for the debut from Melbourne, Australia's Jet, a quartet that lives, dies and drinks to Exile on Main Street. This is perfectly fine when the band sticks to the sleazy, chunky-riffing likes of "Rollover D.J.," "Get Me Outta Here" and "Cold Hard Bitch," which packs a picture-perfect AC/DC whomp. But it's not so hot when Jet detour frequently into "Wild Horses" territory: Only the lovelorn "Look What You've Done" does the trick. Slavish imitation always works best when everyone is too busy rocking out to care.

(RS 936, November 27, 2003)

(Posted: Nov 4, 2003)


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Kathy writes:

5of 5 Stars

This is my all time favourite album, they may have very obvious influences but thats whats great you hear the best of all the greats like The Beatles on this album but with Nics roaring voice.Their amazing riffs and beats make it inexcusable not to dance along ive listened to it countless times and my heart still flutters at the opening cords.

Jan 15, 2006 03:02:37

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