The D'ni timekeeping system is much different than the system used on earth's surface. Below is an explanation of some of the major differences and terms.


The following list of holidays are major holidays celebrated by the D'ni civilization. They are listed with their D'ni dates (vI-lee and yahr) as well as the Gregorian Calendar equivalent (month and day).


The following events were chosen, at the discretion of Cyan, from a much more complete timeline of historical events. We are continually working on a better understanding of the D'ni language and culture so that we may continue to translate the timeline we have in our possession. As we learn of new noteworthy events, we will add them to this condensed version.





The D'ni's largest amount of time is an "hahr". The "hahr" is roughly equivalent to one Earth year.

The D'ni "hahr" is divided into 10 equal segments called "vI-lee-tee". One "vI-lee" is roughly equivalent to one Earth month.

A "vI-lee" is further divided into 29 "yahr-tee". One "yahr" is equal to about 30 hours and 14 minutes of surface time. (1.26 Earth days) There are 290 "yahr-tee" in one "hahr".

"Yahr-tee" are further divided into 5 equal segments called "gahr-tah-vo-tee". One "gahr-tah-vo" is equal to about 6 hours and 3 minutes of surface time.

"Gahr-tah-vo-tee" can be further divided into 25 equal segments called "tah-vo-tee". One "tah-vo" is equal to about 14.5 minutes of surface time.

"Tah-vo-tee" are further divided into 25 equal segments called "gor-ahn-tee". One "gor-ahn" is equal to about 36 seconds of surface time.

"Gor-ahn-tee" are further divided into 25 equal segments called "pro-rahn-tee". One "pro-rahn" is equal to about 1.5 seconds of surface time.


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D'ni New Year - Leefo 1, April 21

First Feast of the Maker - Lenovoo 10, March 27 (Pre-earth celebration)

The Common Library Opened - Leefo 12, May 5

Second Feast of the Maker - Leebro 20, June 21 (Pre-earth celebration)

The Day of Dancing - Leetar 21, September 3

First Arrival of the Great King - Leevot 12, September 28

Third Feast of the Maker - Leevofo 18, November 11 (Pre-earth celebration)

Coronation of King Kerath - Leevofo 27, November 23

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It is important to note that the year zero marks the D'ni's arrival to earth. Little information has been uncovered about the events that occured before the arrival to earth and the D'ni themselves were reluctant to record them in any of their writings or even speaking. The D'ni viewed the arrival to earth as a new beginning, of sorts, and marked the event with a blank year.

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Founding of the Writer's Guild - It took eight years for the D'ni to complete the buildings that made up the Writer's Guild on earth. It was one of the top priorities, upon arriving to earth, and upon finishing the construction, the Guild was christened in a public and grand ceremony.

The Day of the Circle - To the best of our understanding (from the accounts we have translated) it appears as though the Day of the Circle marked the completion of the eighteen guilds here on earth. Some writings we have found seem to indicate the eighteen guild leaders formed a circle of sorts in the Guild Hall, and thus the reason for the name of the event. However, there is not enough evidence, at this time, to be certain whether or not that story is true.

The Common Library Opened - The day the Common Library opened was a great day for celebration among the D'ni. It marked the first time on earth that the commoners, who were not wealthy enough on their own to have books, were given access to other worlds through the books. There are certain records that seem to hint at disagreement within the guilds that the Common Library be opened on earth. We do not know why the guilds would have had such discussion or, if in fact, there for sure was a discussion. Regardless, the library was opened (perhaps under order from the king) and much to the delight of the commoners

First Arrival of the Great King - It seems as though this Great King, whose name is never mentioned, marked an important time for the D'ni. The Great King established the fact that earth was the permanent home for the D'ni and their home of old was no longer something to be thought of ever returning to. The Great King prophesied a number of things which apparently were written in numerous books. Unfortunately, none of those books have been discovered and we only read of his prophesies from other, unsubstantial sources.

The Sealing of the Great Temple - A little less than two hundred years after the arrival of the Great King, his early death came. On the day of his death there was great mourning and the temple where he was buried was forever sealed. The sealing was also meant to symbolize the fact that their home of old (as the Great King told them) should also be sealed shut.

The Lost Books of Birenni found - Apparently a number of books written by one of the great D'ni writers was lost upon the arrival to earth. There were tremendous searches made for the books but to no avail. The books were a tragic loss and a loss felt by the entire society. However, over two thousand years later, they were found and obviously, the cause of much celebration.

The First Day of Dancing - Remarkably a day that one would think would not be the cause for celebration was turned into one by the D'ni. The First Day of Dancing marks the day that their old home was completely and utterly destroyed. Ever since their exodus the world was apparently on a destructive path, and after three and a half thousand years the world was not only uninhabitable, but completely destroyed. The D'ni turned the news into a celebration. They celebrated the Great King who taught them to seal that old world from their hearts, as well as the fact that they were able to exit that world and continue their lives on earth, instead of being destroyed with their former home.

Coronation of King Kerath - Kerath was the last king of D'ni and his day of coronation carried a great deal of importance to the D'ni.

Kerath appoints the Council of Elders - 246 years after being coronated as king of D'ni, Kerath voluntarily stepped down from his position and appointed a council to take the place of king. All records show that the civilization maintained the council and was never again ruled by a single monarch.

Final Revolt of Veovis - The darkest day in modern D'ni history. Veovis' revolt led to mass destruction and death for the D'ni civilization. It is a day that will only be remembered with sorrow.

Gehn begins writing his Fifth Age - Though this event was not an important event when it occured, we can now see, looking back, that it was indeed an extremely important event. The Fifth Age was one of Gehn's most important works and when it was written, it opened a new world and a new fork in the path of life. This single event was the catalyst for a number of life-changing future events.

Atrus writes Inception/Atrus' Korfah V'ja - The Korfah V'ja or "First Book Celebration" is the celebration that occurs upon a D'ni writing his first book. It is a day to always be remembered. The day begins with only certain members of the Guild of Writers and ends with a tremendous celebration similar to, in Western culture, a wedding celebration.

Atrus marries Catherine - Though this day, in itself, is not entirely an important event in the history of D'ni, it is an important event in the life of Atrus and one which we felt needed to be on the timeline.