David Crosby

If I Could Only Remember My Name

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Forgotten by rock history, and probably by most of its participants, this 1971 curio is a one-of-a-kind freak-folk apogee. It's a solo album in name only, since the Croz operates as a cosmic cruise director, bringing in pals like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Jerry Garcia and Grace Slick. In hydroponic jams like "What Are Their Names," you can hear each guest wander into the studio, plug in, play a few licks, sing a few harmonies ("Peace is not an awful lot to ask" -- dig it!) and raid the fridge. Garcia steals the show, and the two killer tracks are the ones where he burns on guitar, playing in a dark "Wharf Rat" mood: "Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves)," where Garcia cuts Jorma Kaukonen in a guitar duel, and "Laughing," featuring Jerry's profoundly sad pedal steel.


(Posted: Jan 10, 2007)


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ninetythree writes:

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There was a time while I was in high-school that I was really into hanging out in the pottery studio in my spare time, throwing pots and listening to old LPs on the stereo. There were three or four big milk crates full of records in there, but more often than not, i would shuffle between Dylan's Desire, CSNY's Deja Vu and this record by David Crosby. Like other records of the time that Crosby and Co. were making, the songs take on a life of their own. I recommend this record to anyone who has enjoyed the music that was coming from the San Francisco area, and the West Coast in general, in the late 60's and early 70's. It's nothing radically different, but in a way, that's what makes it so good.

Jan 12, 2007 08:29:14

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spoonido writes:

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It's truly the ultimate hippy album, and a feast for the ears. It's all about the mood, even beyond the music itself. It may be a time capsule, but no one can touch the style the masters of the day laid out before us. Peace and love forever!

Jan 11, 2007 18:41:16

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