A Silhouette Metropolis
Lucas Martin


The Swear
Johnny Rodes
Mike Orlando
The Saucers
Jimi Bell
Fled Five

Q. What Guitar Players are in your band?
Billy Reedy and Chris "Wooj" Wujek play gee-tar. Jim Anders plays bass (not the fish). So between us we have a few guitars to tune.

Q. Type of Music?
Raw, late 70's stoner punk rock. We debated it, but that's where our influences lie.

Q. What do you really do for a living (besides playing GHS Strings)?
We really play music, but financially we all needed to have paying jobs. So one guy plays hockey, another guy does landscaping, one guy actually works in music, another guy actually doesn't and stays at home, and the last guy plays with his dag all day. You like dags?

Q. What Strings do you use?
We all play Gould, Holcomb and Solko. Billy uses the GHS custom 11-50's. Wooj uses the Burnished Nickel 11's. Jim uses the the Bass Boomers .45 to .105.

Q. How Long have you used GHS?
Combined we have used GHS strings for well over 20 years, or is it 21? Oh well. A very long time. We are using GHS cables now too. Plug and play baby.

Q. Any other comments?
Wooj is stoked about having the Burnished Nickel strings since moving from the Boomer 11's. He wanted something with a warmer tone and the GHS team

Wooj also tech's for Ron Asheton of Iggy Pop & The Stooges when Grinder is not performing, or actually when Iggy is touring.