Assassination Attempt of
Pope John Paul II - 1981

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II

If the visit itself wasn’t ground breaking enough, the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II’s life put the city of New York and the C.S.A. in the international spotlight.

While Catholics are considered Christians under the Christian Reform Act of 1895, there still lingers some animosity between them and Protestants. Much of this stems from the Vatican’s outspoken contempt of the C.S.A.’s use of human livestock for domestic labor. However, the Pope had logged hundreds of thousands of miles, speaking to peoples all over the world, and a visit to the C.S.A. was long overdue. It was also a chance for the Confederate Catholics to mend ties to the Vatican.

Unfortunately this was cut short by Maynard Brimley, a Baptist Protestant from Tennessee. During a public reception and greeting Maynard shouted “You don’t know Jesus!” and fired six .38 caliber rounds, 2 of them striking the Pope, and one striking and killing a by-stander.

The shooting caused shockwaves that reverberated around the world, putting the C.S.A. into a negative spotlight. The shooting was not fatal and the Pope visited Brimley in prison to forgive him. Nonetheless, Brimley was tried and executed, partly to appease international pressure.

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