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Welcome To All About Skyscrapers !

All About Skyscrapers is a comprehensive guide to everything related to skyscrapers.



Photo Of The Month

January 07 - The trump tower and Chrysler Building in New York City from the top of The Empire State Building.





1/13/06 - The Photo Gallery is back online.


1/7/06 - Addition - Forum & Photo Gallery


12/28 - Addition - Radio and TV Masts


12/14 - Addition - New York City Photos


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Mission Statement

All About Skyscrapers is dedicated to educating the public about urban development and the science of skyscrapers through educational articles and constructive arguments.


When it comes to Skyscrapers, we are keeping the world up to date and educated on some of the world's most urgent topics.


One of our most well known contributions to the world of tall buildings is the AA Skyscrapers rule guide. This provides an easy to use method to help companies and individuals compare buildings' heights with accuracy and simplicity.  Designed to eliminate the confusion caused over the constitution of a 'building', we have broken down each category of a structure in a way that is easily understandable by the general public.

  Photo Of The Month
  Photos Of New York City
  AA Skyscrapers Rule Guide



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All About Skyscrapers and the Skyscraper Page have partnered up to form the internets most complete resource for skyscraper related information.  For years, both of these websites have independently dominated their own sectors of the architecture community.  All About Skyscrapers specializes in general skyscraper information and offline publications, while the Skyscraper Page is the internet's main resource for diagrams and discussion.


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All About Skyscrapers is looking for individuals who wish to donate their views on architectural subjects to the internet community. These individuals can create their own articles and get their work published on our website.


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