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Order of Preachers

Central Province



Aquinas Institute of Theology

Shrine of St. Jude

Fenwick High School - Chicago, IL

Aquinas Newman Center - University of New Mexico

St. Thomas Aquinas - Purdue University

St. Paul Catholic Center - Indiana University

St. Thomas More Newman Center - University of Missouri-Columbia

St. Dominic Parish - Denver, CO

Blessed Sacrament Parish - Madison, WI

Holy Rosary Church - Minneapolis, MN

St. Albert the Great Parish - Minneapolis, MN

St. Vincent Ferrer Parish - River Forest, IL







Dominicans are involved in a variety of ministries, but all Dominicans are engaged one way or another in the Order's ministry of preaching. There are a growing number of members of the province whose entire ministry is one of preaching. Preaching teams and individual Dominican preachers travel throughout the country to preach retreats and parish renewals.


Members of our Province are active in Justice and Peace offices of many dioceses and offer direct services to the poor in many other ways.


The largest single ministerial commitment of our Province is to parishes, particularly to urban parishes. Our parishes serve the poor and middle class. We staff the following parishes:

St. Pius V- Chicago, IL
St. Vincent Ferrer - River Forest, IL
St. Albert the Great - Minneapolis, MN
Holy Rosary/Santo Rosario - Minneapolis, MN
Blessed Sacrament - Madison, WI
St. Dominic - Denver, CO


Members of our province serve in colleges operated by Dominican women and in several state and private universities as campus ministers, serving not only the students, but the faculties as well. We have men at the following Universities:

Aquinas Newman Center
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center
Purdue University

St. Paul Catholic Center
Indiana University

St. Thomas More Newman Center
University of Missouri-Columbia


Fenwick High School: Our Province operates Fenwick High School in Oak Park, Illinois, a coed prep school. It is the only school still operated and staffed by Dominican friars in the U.S.A.

Aquinas Institute of Theology: Members of our Province also teach at our graduate school of theology, Aquinas Institute, in St. Louis.

We also have a number of men teaching in various colleges and universities (i.e., Dominican University and Notre Dame.)


Some members of our province are chaplains at major hospitals ministering to the sick/dying and their families.


Bolivia: Some members of our Province have worked in Bolivia in a number of ministries including teaching, the charismatic movement and social justice. A novitiate for Bolivian candidates to the Order was opened in 1982.

Nigeria: Since 1951 members of our Province have been in Nigeria involved in parish work, teaching and primary evangelization. The first Nigerian Dominicans were professed in 1964 and now number nearly two-thirds of the Dominicans in Nigeria. In 1986 Nigeria became a Vice-Province and is now a Province.

We Work for Peace and Justice



We Celebrate the Sacraments and Minister to the People of God



We Preach the Good News of Jesus Chrsit Always and Everywhere



We Teach the Young and Guide Them to a Life Dedicated to God and the Church


And many of us are engaged the the project of theology and theological teaching...

B.M. Ashley, O.P.



Mission Statement

The Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Albert the Great communicate the Word of God through preaching, theological education, and the promotion of justice and peace. This mission in the body of Christ demands a vowed community life, liturgical prayer and lifelong study.

Promoter of Vocations
Fr. Andrew-Carl Wisdom, O.P.
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