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Somalia: War bulletin for December 26, 2006
Tue. December 26, 2006 10:46 am.

(SomaliNet) Federal government's deputy minister of defense said his forces are going to Mogadishu in an interview with BBC Somali section. Mr. Jelle was upbeat about the current situation and the Islamic Courts� unprecedented fast retreat from all fronts of the war in central and southern parts of Somalia.

A spokesman for the African Union told BBC Ethiopia has every right to defend its sovereignty and nodded Ethiopian military actions in Somalia. He blamed African Union of being slow on what was necessary to restrain Ethiopia from taking unilateral action.

An Arab League spokesman told Al-Jazeera TV that his organization would like all hostilities to stop and warring parties to respect the binding agreements they signed before world community. He said Somalia doesn�t need outside intervention and Ethiopia must leave Somalia.

The Islamic Courts had their largest retreat today and abandoned Burhaka in Bay province and Bulo-Burte in Hiran. In the course of the last two days, the courts left completely Mudug, Galgadud, Hiran, Bay, and Bakool provinces. They are now clinging on to Middle Shabelle which may fall in the next one or two days. In other words, the courts lost over ninety percent of the land they occupied a week ago.

The government side says the courts are being cornered but defiant courts told the world that the real war which will last many years just begun and they are leaving cities and towns for important strategic tactics.

Say hi to guerrilla war - Somalia version: The courts said repeatedly that their new form of Jihad will be hit and run and other guerrilla tactics like Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghani Talibans were chased from power more than five years ago. However, they are still strong and damaging. The Islamic Courts are adapting this strategy in hopes of defeating Somalia Ethiopia governments slowly. Time will tell if this formula will work in Somalia.

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