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Somalia: News summary for December 29, 2006
Sat. December 30, 2006 08:19 am.

Somalia premier arrives in Mogadishu

Mohamed Abdi Farah

(SomaliNet) Somalia�s interim prime minister Ali Mohamed Gedi who has visited the capital Mogadishu on Friday promised Somalis to restore peace and stability in the country � amid violent protest raged today in north of Mogadishu where hundreds of anti government protesters blocked the roads and burnt tires on the streets.

With the security very tightened, premier Gedi said that today is the start of new life for all Somalis.

Gedi ruled out the possibility of fresh peace talks with the Islamic movement saying that it is too late to hold talks with them.

Somalia govt. extends power to southern parts

The joint forces of Ethiopia and Somalia have seized control of Buale city of middle Juba region peacefully after Islamic fighters abandoned there, sources say.

Reports say that Islamic fighters gathered their force in the southern port city of Kismayo. Ethiopian backed government troops led by defense minister Bare Hirale are getting closer to the city.

The government forces along with the Ethiopian troops are extending their power towards southern and central Somalia, hunting down what the government called �The remnants of Islamist group�.

Somalia: joint forces assure total control of the capital

Ethiopia and Somalia forces have spread on Friday to the capital of Mogadishu where the interim government is gradually taking the control of the city.

The forces could be seen on the main streets of Mogadishu giving salute to the public.

Senior government officials have today met with the officials of Banadir province over how to restore peace and stability.

Salad Ali Jele, the deputy minister of defense, who visited the main sea and air ports in the capital, said the people should work with the government to establish security.

Somalia: warlord back to Mogadishu

Mohamed Qanyare, former warlord who has today returned to his residence Mogadishu suggested that the government should not discharge the militia after disarming. He argued that militias have the right to live and must be rehabilitated and interrated into the national forces.

Qanyare, speaking with the reporters in Mogadishu said he is welcoming the new change done by the government and ousting of the Islamists who forced him to leave the capital in early June.

The arrival of warlords in Mogadishu, which now began, is seen unwanted matter since they had been blockade to the peace and development. Some see the returning of warlords is the resumption of roadblocks.

Somalia is not like Afghanistan and Iraq

Somalia�s interim president Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed said on Friday in Somalia would not be like Afghanistan and Iraq � his government won in the fighting with Islamist movement with the help of Ethiopian forces.

In a news conference held in Baidoa city, the base of the transitional federal government, shortly after meeting with the Ethiopian foreign minister Siyoum Mesfin in Biadoa, president Yusuf said that his government could now handle the situation in Somalia if needed it will ask for African troops to help the government establish the security.

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