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Haunted Mansion’s Ghost Gallery

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The loyal maids and butlers of Master Gracey would like to welcome you to the Haunted Mansion's Ghost Gallery. As his loyal servants, we have taken it upon ourselves to preserve the rich heritage that surrounds the Gracey Family and this great mansion. Although most of those listed here have passed into the great beyond quite some time ago they continue to reside at Walt Disney World's Haunted MansionĀ® and welcome your visits. They only request that if you intend to stay for a prolonged visit please be sure to bring your death certificate.

The Haunted Mansion

Francis Xavier

Ludwig Von Baroketch

Victoria Abigail Boufont

Elma Belle

Mary Gilbert Gracey

Uncle Edward Gracey

Madame Leota

Etienne Lalaurie

Antione Germaine

Jamie Padgett

Gus Gracey

Master George Gracey

Wolfgang Elias Furlong

Mistress Lilian O'Malley Gracey

Ballroom Dancers

Ezra Dobbins

Phineas Queeg

Little Leota

Little Leota & The Pirates

Prudence, The story of the floating candelabras

Emily Cavanaugh Gracey

Emily Gracey's Wedding Band

Dick O'Dell, Caretaker

The Tea Party

Sherman Thurl

Richard Ravens

Robert Croft

Dansen Singg

Onmey Buss

The Jones Family--Opera Singers

Edgar Allan

Elizabeth Barrett

Alfred Lord

Henry Wadsworth

Asa Gilbert

Eddy Foster

Daniel Patterson

Bony, the Caretaker's dog

Silas Grunge

Emmett Totts

Felicia Scratch


The Raven


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If you have any comments about this page please let Master Gracey know by clicking his dear old dad.

I hope you have enjoyed our stories. The original Ghost Gallery was maintained by the cast members at the Haunted Mansion. Although I spent a lot of time editing the original Gallery and many of the words are mine, those original cast members deserve credit for the creation of the stories. If you would like more links related to the Haunted Mansion or skydiving you can click Link to Blue Skies...Sky Dive!!

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