1855 Letcher County Deaths

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001
for Elva & Vickies Letcher County Research Site

Name and Age Birth Place Parents or owners Death 
Cause of Death
Perkins, Mary Jane
Letcher Joshua & Sarah Perkins July 26 fever
Harrison, Polly
90  widow
NC Lanford Fields Sept 29 dropsey
Clay, Hanner
Letcher Jesse & Elinder Clay Nov 15 whooping cough
Caudill, John
blank Alfred & Any Caudill Aug 17 unknown
blank,   male
2 dys
blank James & Elizabeth Maggard Dec 11 unknown
Adams, Rachel
blank Simpson & Sarah Adams Mar 21 unknown
Quillin, Henry
34  married
Scott Co Va Catharine Hall Dec 23 plursiy
Hammons, Nelson
Letcher Ephrarn & Drusilene Hammons Feb 6 whooping cough
Niece, James
blank Jacob & Margaret Niece Mar 17 whooping cough
3 hrs  male
I assume died without a name.
blank Calvin & Cintha Collier Mar 25 unknown
Adams, Sarah
blank George & Nancy Adams Oct 18 unknown
6 wks female
blank Stephen & Nancy Adams unknown unknown
3 dys male
blank John & Martha Whitaker Dec 19 unknown
7 dys male
blank Gideon & Fany Taylor Mar, looks like 17 unknown
Caudill, Elizabeth
blank Benjamin & Martha Caudill unknown unknown
Williams, Coley
blank Gilbert & Polly Williams Apr 16 unknown
Hogg, Martha Loucinda
blank Hiram & Le? Hogg Oct 19 flux, then changed in different handwritting to dysnetry
Adams, Francis
14 dy  male
blank William & Sally Adams Mar 5 hives, then changed to croup
Combs, Martha Ann
blank Edward & Martha Combs Aug 8 bowel disease
Strong, Margaret
40   married
Philadelphia Joseph Adkins July 5 unknown
Amburgy, Mosey
2   male
Letcher William & Levinah Amburgy blank cold
Holbrooks, William B
Perry Co Ky William & Sarah Holbrooks Mar 10 unknown
Craft, Elizabeth V or W
2 mn
Letcher Joseph & Martha Craft Apr 1 whooping cough
Polley, Durcas R
13   female
blank Edward & Arty Polley Apr 11 blank
Adams, Benjamin
Wilks NC John & Lety Adams Nov 11 gravel

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001

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