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Last Updated: Jan 17th, 2007 - 01:10:38

ONLF rebels attack Ethiopian soldiers in 3 towns

JIGJIGA, Ethiopia Jan 15 (Garowe Online) - Rebel fighters launched attacks on Ethiopian military stations in 3 different Somali-inhabited towns of eastern Ethiopia, according to residents.

Nighttime raids occurred in the towns of Qabri-Dahar and Fiiq, while the rebels attacked Ethiopian soldiers during daytime in the town of Garbo.

Casualties on both sides have not yet been confirmed but reliable sources in Garbo town confidentially informed Garowe Online that at least 6 people were killed and 25 others wounded during the daytime attack.

The attacking force, Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) rebels, suffered one casualty while 5 local Ethiopian soldiers were killed.

Wounded soldiers were rushed to hospitals in Jigjiga, the main town in the Ogaden region that is some 200km away from Garbo.

Casualties from the attacks in Qabri-Dahar and Fiiq towns are difficult to ascertain because the fighting occurred during the night.

The ONLF has been waging a war of self-determination for the Somali-inhabited Ogaden region against Addis Ababa for years, while the Ethiopian government considers the movement as terrorists and has killed or captured hundreds of rebels.

Last month, thousands of Ethiopian combat troops invaded Somalia with interim Somali government approval and U.S. support.

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