Osuchi and Mesuchi

They're finally here! (In some parts of Japan, anyway.) The much-talked about Osuchi and Mesuchi (also known as Wedding Tams, Boygotchi and Girlgotchi, etc) were released in select areas of Japan sometime around December 20th, 1996.

My father bought a pair for me at a Tokyu Department Store somewhere in Tokyo or Yokohama between January 13th and 16th of 1998; I have no idea about their availability elsewhere or elsewhen. Bandai has made no noise about whether or not this somewhat controversial linkable Tamagotchi will be made available outside of Japan.

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This area of my Mini Virtual Pet Page is dedicated to those strange mateable virtual pets, "Osuchi" and "Mesuchi"... also known as "Wedding Tamagotchi". I've separated the content as follows;

Other Stuff

(NOTE: This is "stuff" that didn't fit into any of the other categories, and are listed in a more-or-less random order. Hopefully I will someday be able to reorganize these.)