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Pacific Airlines’s freight operation has many experiences in fly cargo with wide body aircrafts

Pacific Airlines carry cargo on-line destinations to Taiwan, Hongkong and off-line to Japan, USA, China through ourpartnerships of China Airlines, Evaair, Japan Asia Airway, Vietnam Airlines.

The impact of Pacific Airlines's freight product to its total business performance is so good that the airline has invested a lot in it towards maintaining very high service standards and competitiveness of the Pacific Airlines freight product.

General Cargo

Pacific Airlines Freight regularly carries a variety of general cargo products including computer equipment, printed matter, machinery and electrical equipment, to all Asia- Pacific markets.

Perishable Goods

Pacific Airlines provides special handling for perishable cargo such as fresh meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables, flowers and medicines thereby meeting the needs of VietNam producers who service the growth markets of Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong. Pacific Airlines freight handlers provide freezer and coolroom facilities to ensure perishable consignments are maintained in optimum conditions

Live Animals

Pacific Airlines Freight has many years carried live animals, including commercial livestock, prime breeding stock, valuable zoological species and domestic pets conditioned freight compartment in the aircraft.

Live animal cargo is attended to by staff with specialised training in this field. Livestock staff can advise customers on the regulations and requirements relevant to the animal and the country of destination and those through which the animal will pass en route.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods including chemicals, compressed gases, flammable liquids and poisons can be carried under special conditions of acceptance, packaging and labeling to comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.

Valuable and Vulnerable Cargo

Delicate goods such as antiques, glassware and optical and medical instruments are treated with the greatest of care. High value cargo such as gold bullion, precious metals and works of art are held in special vaults to ensure maximum security.

Unaccompanied Baggage

As a service to passengers, Pacific Airlines Freight offers an unaccompanied baggage service on most routes. Personal effects can be sent ahead, on a "space available" basis, to the destination airport. To take advantage of the discounted rates, passengers must hold an international ticket, with any airline, between the origin and destination ports.

Freight Rates

Freight rates applicable to freight carried on Pacific Airlines services may be obtained from the local Pacific Airlines handling agent or Pacific Airlines official contact given in this website.  


Ha Noi City :           84-4-8840212

Ho Chi Minh City : 84-8-8486617

Da Nang City:         84-511-614110


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