Guided Missile Corvette  1239 Bora class

Bora class

D. (tons): 1620 (AlMg compos.)
Speed (kts): 55
Dimensions (m): 64 x 18
M./Engine: 2 gas. turbines; 70'000 hp; 3x2 (+1+1) props.,  air-cashion ship take advantage of air generated between  the 2 floats for decreasing D.tonnage 3m >1.
Man./Crew: 35


Missiles: 2 x 4 Moscit (SS-N-22) (R: 88 n.m; S: 2,5 mach) SS
Osa -MA SA
Artillery: 1  AK-100 DP (100 mm) full autom.
2  AK-630 gattl. AA (6 x 30 mm; r: 6'000rds/m/mount)
Torpedoes: no
Other: no

Primary intended for coast defense operations.
Two ships in service now - for future series intended  for Black Sea/Baltic Fleets of Russian Federation.

Created on: August, 1999