Christine Daniel, M.D.

Graduate of Temple University School of Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Class 1979.

Second Generation Medical Missionary

Mother, Licensed Minister and Pastor. Physician - full time medical practice, play writer and director who spends and dedicates her medical career and earnings to serve the needy.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Christine Daniel M.D./Ordained Preacher

In private practice, a Medical Doctor, in Mission Hills, California.  Graduate, of Temple University School of Medicine, Class of 1979.  Ordained Preacher, 1993. Western Evangelical Association, California. A renowned Bible Scholar, very knowledgeable in Mosaic Laws and Jewish History. The Mathematical Decoder of the secret Code embedded in the Davinci’s Code name. Doctor Daniel is available for interviews. Author's Contact information: 1-818 – 920-2000 Fax – 818-920-0099 Email -

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