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On Sunday morning, October 29, Vince Haley (W&M, Class of 1988) read in the Richmond Times Dispatch that William & Mary’s President Gene Nichol had ordered the removal of the Wren Cross from Wren Chapel.

On Tuesday, October 31, Vince registered the web site and later that day made contact with three William & Mary students to discuss collaborating in efforts to oppose and seek the reversal of President Nichol’s order to remove the Wren Cross, including through the use of this web site.

This web site – and the growing ad hoc coalition of individuals supporting it -- is dedicated to the return to the policies that governed the display of the Wren Cross in Wren Chapel prior to President Nichol’s order to remove it.


Leaders of the Save the Wren Cross Coalition

(in addition to signing the petition, email us if you wish to be listed here as a leader)

Vince Haley ‘88

Joseph Luppino-Esposito ‘08

Benjamin Locher ‘07

Kate Madurski ‘07

Will Coggin '07

Former Members of the W&M; Board of Visitors
Linda L. Arey Skladany ('66)
R. Scott Gregory ('83)

Members of the W&M; Washington DC Council

Cesar Conda ('83)
Jason Torchinsky ('98)