Allison Hill and Eastern Harrisburg

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Urbanized Harrisburg on the bluff and beyond, topographically contrasting with the older original borough along the River. Site of early industries and sound working class neighborhoods. Reservoir Park rising to the City’s summit on the which the National Civil War Museum stands as a noble sentinel. The well planned preserve of Bellevue Park nestled amidst robust neighborhoods of renewal.

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1. Bishop Mcdevitt High School - 2200 Market Street.

Originally known as the Catholic High School, this prominent edifice opened in 1930. Neo-Gothic styled spires highlight this Alma Mater, which stands at the base of Reservoir Park’s southern slope. Serves the metropolitan Harrisburg community.

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2. Carson Stamm Mansion - 333 S. 13th Street.

Colonial Revival in style, this massive single-family residence erected in 1909 by Harrisburg attorney A. Carson Stamm, is unusually placed within the older Mount Pleasant townhouse setting. Property now serves a non-profit center.

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3. Harrisburg Cemetery* - 13th and Liberty Streets.

Sylvan garnished burial ground of many Harrisburg and Pennsylvania notables including governors, generals, Civil War dead and leaders of business and industry. Graced by stately mausoleums, distinguished obelisks and fine statuary and back dropped by a sweeping panorama of Center City. This is Harrisburg’s oldest cemetery, which opened in 1845. Revolutionary War soldiers were reburied here.

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4. Harrisburg High School (Formerly John Harris High School) - Market Street and Hale Avenue.

Originally served eastern Harrisburg as one of two of the city’s high schools, both built in the mid 1920s and the other being William Penn High School uptown, now consolidated as Harrisburg High School. Note the unusual and elaborate Neo-Italianate design treatments and details.

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5. Harrisburg Military Post* - 14th and Calder Streets.

Chateau-styled complex of military buildings, which emulate French estate architecture. Headquarters to the 28th Infantry Division (Mechanized) of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. The Division has a distinguished record of service dating to the 19th Century.

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6. Henry Herr House - 1330 Verbeke Street.

Dating to 1835, one of the earliest and few surviving farmhouses on Allison Hill. Later development of the surrounding Herr farmland grew as Harrisburg’s Schreinertown neighborhood. Property continues to be residential.

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7. John Elder House - 2426 Ellerslie Street.

Oldest building in the City of Harrisburg erected circa. 1740 by Rev. John Elder. Served as the 18th Century parsonage for Elder’s Paxton Presbyterian Church in neighboring Paxtang. Church’s roots predate the founding of Harrisburg. Home remains a private residence.

Shown in larger overview map, clockwise from left: Mount Pleasant Historic District, YWCA Kunkel Center, Rotunda of National Civil War Museum, Colonial Revival Residence.