1857 Letcher County Deaths

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001
for Elva & Vickies Letcher County Research Site

Name and Age Birth Place Parents or owners Death 
Cause of Death
Calhoun, Ransom
42   married
Perry Co Ky David Calhoun Sept 12 consumption
Everidge, Enoch
5 mn
Letcher Niklous & Jane Everidge Aug 22 unknown
Martin, Andrew
Letcher Benjamin & Levina Martin October drowned
Sexton, Jame H
Letcher ??amey Sexton Aug 18 unknown
Back, Ester
Letcher Henry & Rebecca Back Sept 5 dysntery
Adams, Nancy
Perry Co Ky Benjamin & Nancy Adams Sept 13 unknown
Combs, Andrew
Letcher Wesley & Mary Combs Mar 15 croup
Summer, Nancy
Letcher John & Nancy Summer Mar 10 unknown
Caudill, Ruth
Letcher Henry & Polly Caudill unknown dysntery
Caudill, Sampson
Letcher Henry & Polly Caudill unknown dysntery
Wells, Alsey
Letcher Ezekiel, Emily Wells unknown dysntery
Lewis, Hiram
Letcher Arlind & Scintha Lewis unknown croup

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001

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