SplitHex: Tutorials

These tutorials below should help you out in whatever you plan on doing with your map creations. Please make sure you read the "ReadMe" text document before you look at the tutorial. The tutorial are in word 2000 and come with *.ed *.dat file example files.

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Name Description
Basic Tips How I setup My Dedit before I start editing.
Split Tool-GO-EDIT How to use the split tool In GO-EDIT
2D Brush-GO-EDIT Following on from the split tool In GO-EDIT
Rotating Doors-GO-EDIT Doors that rotate when activated In GO-EDIT
Switches-D-Edit-AVP2 How to do a Switch with changing textures. AVP2
Lift-D-Edit-AVP2 How to do a linear one stop lift. AVP2
Camera Work-D-Edit-AVP2 Cinematic Movements with camera.AVP2
Vehicle Animations-D-Edit-AVP2 Animations and camera work with vehicles.AVP2
Torchable Weld/Lock-D-Edit-AVP2 One way to do a Torchable Lock in AVP2
Hackable Object-D-Edit-AVP2 One way to make a Hackable Object in AVP2
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