Vision, Leadership, and Integrity for a Better Louisiana

Bill's Plan for Change

Reforming our political system and fighting corruption
Prohibit awarding state contracts to public officials including legislators
Require state legislators to fully disclose their sources of income
Have political districts drawn by an independent board, not by politicians
Prohibit legislators from sending direct mail at tax payer expense
Improve Education because better schools mean brighter futures
Retain the teachers we are losing by increasing salaries
Take authority away from Bureaucracies and give it to Principals and Teachers to determine how schools should educate
Allow parents choice in which public school their children attend
Support sales tax free holiday on school supplies the week before school starts each year
Create a 75% tax credit for those that donate to academic programs at Louisiana’s Universities
Cutting Taxes and Creating Jobs
Decrease and ease the burden of regulation on businesses.
Speed up phase out of sales tax on machinery and equipment
Create a technology tax incentive package aimed at helping technology companies locate to Louisiana
Reinstate charity and mortgage deductions that were eliminated by the Stelly Tax
Protect manufacturers, distributors and sellers of lawful products from frivolous litigation based on negligent usage of the product by others
Making Quality healthcare more accessible and more affordable
Create a statewide Health Insurance Exchange to lower insurance premiums, decrease administrative costs and allow flexibility in which benefits workers choose
Allow the self employed to purchase health insurance with pre tax dollars
Increase the portability of health insurance so that when workers change jobs they can keep their coverage
Emphasize Public health and preventive care to reduce future health care costs



Absentee Voting
Nov. 27-December 2


Vote Saturday, December 9
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